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Indoor Active Camps for Children

Searching for a fun and active children’s summer camp? Camp at The Little Gym is the perfect choice for long, hot summers and other breaks from school when you want your child to stay active, safe, and happy. We combine fun physical activities and games with plenty of time to laugh and play with friends. Each week has a new theme, and everyday a new challenge, so your child will never tire of camp at The Little Gym.

No School? No Worries!

Our Gymnastics Camps Let Kids

  • Available for Children Ages 3+
  • Indoor Activities: group games, team challenges, crafts, and more!
  • New Themes Each Week
  • Different Challenges Every Day
  • All Levels Learn New Skills
  • Make new friends each day

Choose Your Camp Adventure

Camps at The Little Gym come in all shapes and sizes. Super Quest camps and Grade School Skill Thrill camps give your adventurer a unique and Seriously Fun experience they will never forget.

Super Quest Camps

Your Super Kid will spend three adventure-filled hours a day on a unique, exciting quest with their friends. Each week revolves around an interactive learning theme with different, creative lesson plans that will inspire your Super Kid to reach new heights.

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Grade School Skill Thrill

Thrill seekers wanted! Your child will take their gymnastics skills to the next level through a special three-hour program, focusing on specific beginner, intermediate or advanced moves. By the end of this skill intensive program, they’ll stick the landing with confidence!

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Gymnastics Camp

Looking for a summer camp with a difference? Ideal for children aged 3 to 12 years, The Little Gym gymnastics camps are designed to help children learn and grow through movement and imaginative play for a few hours every day.

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The Little Gym Camp Difference

Our camp programs help children learn and grow through dynamic movement and imaginative play for a few hours a day. Children connect socially with old and new friends as they grow physically, mentally, and emotionally, all the while having a whole lot of fun.

Ideal for younger campers starting at age three as well as kids up to 12 years of age, The Little Gym camp experience incorporates our Three-Dimensional Learning approach.

We believe that physical activity is a conduit for nurturing your whole child. This Three-Dimensional Learning approach to skill development means that every camp we offer encourages growth in three holistic dimensions—Get Moving, Brain Boost, and Citizen Kid.

We not only want your child to walk away with new physical skills, but essential life skills too, helping them become a well-rounded human in and outside of school as a springboard to life’s adventures

Nurturing Summer Camp Activities for Kids

The Little Gym summer camp programs take place in a nurturing and supportive environment and all our summer camp activities are led by experienced instructors.

The Little Gym instructors will not only teach your child how to move their bodies safely but at their own pace too. No two children are the same, so why should their camp activities be? We take your child’s love for physical activities and use it to teach them more balance, coordination, strength, and confidence, with some giggles in between.

Your child will benefit from the support of their fellow campers, along with encouragement from our trained instructors. g The Little Gym builds confidence through gentle encouragement and showing your child just how capable their body and mind are as they learn new skills.

We keep your kids entertained and engaged through themed weekly summer camp activities, giving them a Seriously Fun summer they will always remember.

If your child wants to attend camp this summer but doesn’t want to spend full days away from home, look no further than gymnastics kids summer camps at The Little Gym.

How Your Child Benefits from Gymnastics Camps

Burning off some excess energy and keeping your child physically healthy is just one of the benefits of The Little Gym camp experience. Your little one walks away with so much more!

Motor Skill Development

Gymnastics requires controlled movements, which means your child’s fine and gross motor skills will improve after every session. They’ll discover how to coordinate different parts of their body with the help of experienced instructors.

Greater Spatial Orientation

Another way that a gymnastics summer camp will benefit your child is by helping them develop greater spatial orientation. Moving their bodies through precise and accurate movements also builds better body awareness.

Build Discipline & Focus

Mastering new skills and routines at a gymnastics camp will teach your child the value of discipline and focus. Practice and patience will be key and are valuable traits that they can take into other areas of their life.

Better Self-Esteem

As your child learns new skills during a gymnastics summer camp, it naturally boosts their confidence and self-esteem. Activities at our summer camps are designed to teach them how to overcome challenges and show them just how capable they are both mentally and physically.

Boost Their Gymnastics Skills

If your child already has an interest or a full-blown passion for gymnastics, a camp will help them grow their skills even further. Our experienced instructors will help them master new moves and show them how to improve the skills they already have.

Fun & Memorable Experiences

Beyond the training and skills development, gymnastics summer camps provide a fun and memorable experience for children. They have the opportunity to bond with fellow campers, participate in age-appropriate camp activities for kids, and create lasting memories that they’ll cherish for years to come.
The Little Gym Camp Packs

A Fun Way to
Pass the Time

Interested in giving your little one a memorable summer camp experience, but have a busy schedule? Our Camp Packs might be just the thing you’re looking for.

The Little Gym Camp Pack provides you with a package of fun-filled gymnastics camps , but you get to choose when you would like your child to attend their next session.

This way, whether your little one is having an off day or another commitment comes up, they don’t lose out.

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