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Skill Thrill Grade School Gymnastics Camp

Looking for summer camps or camps to entertain your little thrill seeker or budding gymnast during other school breaks? Look no further than The Little Gym.

Our Skill Thrill camp is ideal for children ages 6 to 12 and focuses on beginner, intermediate, or advanced gymnastics moves. Whether your child enjoys a summer camp experience or a quick camp during another school break, they’ll stick the landing when they handspring back to school.

Why Choose Gymnastics Day Camps?

The Little Gym day camps have become a popular choice among parents for a number of reasons, including:

A Shorter Camp Experience

Not all children want to be away at summer camps for a week or more at a time, making a gymnastics day camp the perfect alternative during the summer months. We also offer short camps during school breaks to give your child entertainment and supervision during their school breaks.

Social Skills Development

A day camp will help your child grow and maintain their social skills. Spending a few hours with children from their area gives them the chance to make new friends who share their specific interests.

A Focus On Their Interests

If your child loves tumbling and trying out new gymnastics moves, a gymnastics camp will keep them excited and engaged during their time outside of school.

Building Resilience

Overcoming challenges and setbacks in a supportive environment teaches children resilience and adaptability, valuable traits that will benefit them throughout life.

Physical & Mental Well-Being

There are a lot of ways your child can spend their summer or school break, but a gymnastics camp experience will ensure their bodies and minds are engaged through physical enrichment activities.

What to Expect at The Little Gym Skill Thrill Camp

Our specialty camps are focused on introducing your child to gymnastics and helping them improve their existing skills. Whether you’re looking for summer camps to keep your children entertained or you want to help your gymnast grow their skills over a school break, the Skill Thrill Camp at The Little Gym has you covered.

As a beginner at our gymnastics camp, your child will learn forward rolls, cartwheels, backward rolls, and how to balance upside down against a wall. With the help of an experienced instructor, your child will discover how to move their body safely while learning basic gymnastics moves.

For day camp students who already have some experience with gymnastics, The Little Gym instructors will help them master moves such as a free handstand, front and back walkovers, and how to perform a cartwheel on a beam.

Advanced summer camp students will learn how to take their skills to the next level by engaging in back and front handsprings, back tucks, and if they’re feeling brave, aerial cartwheels.

At The Little Gym, your child will always progress at a pace that feels good to them under the guidance of qualified coaches to ensure safety and proper skill development.

Choose The Little Gym Camps…

Not Just for Summer Break
Attending a summer camp at The Little Gym is an experience your child won’t soon forget, but we also offer camp experiences during other school breaks that are SERIOUS FUN!

At The Little Gym, we’re passionate about providing youth development in a safe, nurturing, and fun environment.

By enrolling your child in a camp at The Little Gym, you are giving them the chance to challenge their bodies and minds and discover just how resilient and capable they are. Our aim is to send your child back to school with newfound confidence and an even greater love for gymnastics.

This is also the perfect opportunity for your little one to make new friends in their area. Learning together in a group is half the fun and the encouragement they’ll receive from their peers will only make them more determined.

The Little Gym specialty camps are led by a team of trained instructors who know how to support and nurture growing young minds and bodies in a safe environment. Our instructors understand that every child is different and will learn at their own pace, ensuring they feel fully supported every step of the way.

What’s more, we always make a point of keeping our camps small, so that your child gets the attention they deserve as they tumble, cartwheel, and balance their way to success.

New Adventures Await This Summer and Year Round!

Enroll your kids in programs you know they will love! Summer camp is a great time for your child to explore their interests outside of school. With weekly themes, we’ll help them explore their love for gymnastics and help them build their confidence.

Our gymnastics programs are designed to keep campers busy while helping them enhance a skill they’re passionate about.

Make this a summer your kids will always remember, the summer they spent at The Little Gym camp.

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