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Searching for summer camp programs or day camps that will keep your little one entertained during school breaks? A day camp at The Little Gym has everything you’re looking for to keep your kids engaged, and help them burn off some energy!

Camps That Engage Little Bodies and Minds

A camp at The Little Gym is about so much more than just exercise. We help your child master physical, emotional, and life skills, setting them up for success both in and outside of school.

Our Super Quest day camp focuses on helping your child turn into a wholesome little human, someone who is confident in who they are physically, mentally, and emotionally, all the while having some serious fun!

Our Three-Dimensional Learning Philosophy

The Little Gym Super Quest camps are built on our Three-Dimensional Learning philosophy. This approach to skill development means that every program fosters growth in three holistic dimensions—Get Moving, Brain Boost, and Citizen Kid.

Get Moving

Developing flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination through varied physical activities and gymnastics skills.

Brain Boost

Nurturing listening skills, concentration and decision-making that benefit your child well beyond the gym.

Citizen Kid

Promoting sharing, teamwork, cooperation, and leadership through spending time with friends and peers.

Your child will spend three adventure-filled hours a day engaging in unique, exciting activities with children their age. Each week of our camps is based on an interactive learning theme with different, creative lesson plans that will keep your child engaged.

Summer is a Great Time To Attend Camp

Summer camp is an experience all kids should have. An overnight camp is not always ideal for children in this age group, but this doesn’t mean your little one can’t have an unforgettable summer camp experience.

The Little Gym Super Quest day summer camps are fun, focused, and engaging. We keep them busy for a few hours every day, ensuring they can keep their bodies and minds busy during their time outside of school.

Every summer camp at The Little Gym is led by experienced instructors. s. You can rest easy knowing your child is in great hands at our top-rated summer camps.
Our nurturing instructors understand that every child learns at their own pace and it’s something we strongly support at The Little Gym. Even though your little one will be encouraged to try new things, our instructors will ensure they feel safe and supported every step of the way.

The Little Gym summer camps will also help your child build their social skills, something that will benefit them throughout life. Let them join their peers in an encouraging environment as they learn new skills that benefit their body and mind.

The Benefits of a Super Quest Camp

Day camps should be more than just a physical outlet. Our top-rated school break and summer camps also offer the following benefits for toddlers and preschoolers:

Fine Motor Skill Development

A gymnastics summer program will help refine your child’s fine and gross motor skills. Discovering how to coordinate different parts of their body will benefit them in the classroom.

Greater Confidence & Self-Esteem

As children learn just how much they are capable of in our day camp setting, their confidence grows. Overcoming challenges and learning more about their unique abilities will help them develop a positive self-image.

Discipline and Focus

Gymnastics summer camps naturally teach children discipline and focus as they engage in different activities and lessons. Perseverance and patience are other valuable traits that they will walk away with.

Better Body Awareness

Developing a keen sense of body awareness and spatial orientation is another one of the key benefits of The Little Gym Super Quest camps. Your little one will learn how to control their movements more precisely.

Social Skills

A summer camp will surround your child with like-minded children their age. This is an opportunity for your children to interact with instructors and fellow campers, which will grow their social skills.

The Camp of Their Dreams

If your little one loves being active, wants to learn new skills, and is excited to meet other kids in their area, a camp at The Little Gym is the perfect way for them to spend their summer break or time outside of school.

Forget the field trips and outdoor play. We’ll have them jumping, learning, and laughing through indoor physical and educational activities that follow weekly themes. No need to worry about the weather!

Find out more about the Super Quest afterschool and summer camp options at The Little Gym near you.

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