The Little Gym

Gymnastics Camp

Looking for a summer camp with a difference? The Little Gym is a Seriously Fun environment that will keep your child excited, engaged, and active throughout the summer and every other month of the year.

Why Choose The Little Gym Camps

The Little Gym gymnastics camps are more than just a way for your child to get some exercise during their time outside of school. With the help of our experienced and supportive instructors, we encourage your child to discover just how much they are capable of physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Your child will learn skills that will benefit them at school and in life for years to come, all the while having some serious fun!

Ideal for children aged 3 to 12 years, The Little Gym gymnastics camps are designed to help children learn and grow through movement and imaginative play for a few hours every day.

Our camps are not like traditional sports camps. We incorporate Three-Dimensional Learning, which ensures your child gets moving, boosts their brain, and develops essential social skills.

We also keep a watchful eye on our camper to teacher ratio, ensuring your child gets the attention they deserve.

Summer Gymnastics Camps

Your child’s summer vacation should be just as valuable as the months they’re at school. The Little Gym gymnastics camps place your child in a positive environment that’s designed to nurture them on every level.

Gymnastics instruction is at the heart of our camps, but your child walks away with so much more than just new physical skills.

Motor Skills Development

Gymnastics activities require precise control of movements, which helps children develop their motor skills. They learn to coordinate different parts of their body while performing movements such as handstands, cartwheels, and flips.

Discipline and Focus

Our gymnastics camps teach children discipline and focus as they work to master new skills and routines. They learn the importance of practice, perseverance, and attention to detail, which are valuable traits that can be applied to other areas of life.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

As children progress in gymnastics, they gain confidence in their abilities and develop a positive self-image. Overcoming challenges and performing in front of others can boost their self-esteem and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Goal Setting and Achievement

A gymnastics camp is an opportunity for your child to set goals and work towards achieving them. Whether it’s mastering a specific skill, improving their flexibility, or making new friends, setting and reaching goals fosters a sense of motivation and accomplishment.

Social Skills

Gymnastics camps provide opportunities for children to interact with peers and instructors. They learn to communicate more effectively, learn from their mistakes, and work as part of a team, helping them develop important social skills that are essential for success in life.

Body Awareness and Spatial Orientation

Gymnastics requires children to develop a keen sense of body awareness and spatial orientation. They learn to understand how their body moves and how to control their movements with precision and accuracy.

Gymnastics Camp Year Round

There are a number of ways your child can spend their spare time, but a gymnastics camp at The Little Gym is a Seriously Fun experience they’ll never forget.

You want your child to have great fun when they’re not focused on school work but maybe you don’t want them to be away from home for a full day — a gymnastics camp at The Little Gym is the answer!

Our camps are perfect for kids of all skill levels. Your child doesn’t need to have a gymnastics background to join in, we’ll teach them everything they need to know.

Our gymnastics camp instructors also always work with children at their own pace. We want your child to feel safe and supported every step of the way. We’re passionate about encouraging your children to learn new skills but still want to ensure they never feel forced into anything.

Gymnastics camps at The Little Gym will have your child giggling, tumbling, learning, jumping, and growing into a more well-rounded little human.

Our Gymnastics Camp Activities

If your child enjoys running, tumbling, is a thrill seeker, or has already shown an interest in gymnastics, The Little Gym is where they should be.

Our Super Quest gymnastics camps are ideal for boys and girls ages 3 – 8. Your child will spend three adventure-filled hours a day on a unique journey with children their age. Each week revolves around an interactive learning theme with different, creative lesson plans that will keep your child engaged.

The Little Gym Skill Thrill gymnastics camps are designed to take your child’s gymnastics skills to the next level. These special three-hour programs focus on specific beginner, intermediate or advanced moves.

Give your child an invaluable camp experience this year by enrolling them in a gymnastics camp at The Little Gym.

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