Houston Heights, TX

Indoor Active Camps for Kids

Day camp at The Little Gym is the perfect choice for long, hot summers and other breaks from school when you want your child to stay active, safe, and happy. We combine fun physical activities and games with plenty of time to laugh and play with friends. Each week has a new theme so your child will never tire of camp at The Little Gym.


No School? No Worries!

Our Gymnastics Camps Let Kids

  • Indoor Activities
  • New Themes Each Week
  • Available for Children Ages 3-8
  • All Levels Learn New Skills

Choose Your Camp Adventure

Camps at The Little Gym come in all shapes and sizes. Super Quest camps and Grade School Skill Thrill camps give your adventurer something unique.

Super Quest Camps

Your child will spend three adventure-filled hours a day on a unique, exciting quest with their friends. Each week revolves around an interactive learning theme with different, creative lesson plans that will keep your child engaged.

Grade School Skill Thrill

Thrill seekers wanted! Your child will take their gymnastics skills to the next level through a special three-hour program, focusing on specific beginner, intermediate or advanced moves. By the end of the summer they’ll stick the landing when they handspring back to school.

Camp Calendar

March 2024
On Schedule

Under the Sea

Have you heard of the Mermaid – and Merman – Palace that has been missing at the bottom of the Blue Tumble Sea? This week, the Super Kids embark on incredible “underwater” adventures to find the Missing Palace, making new friends along the way! Who knows what special surprises await!!? Join us as we adventure under the sea!
11 Mar
1:15 pm - 4:15 pm
On Schedule

Superheroes Unite!

The Super Kids will UNITE to learn about the duties and importance of Superheroes! The heroic men and women who keep us safe; save us from fires; and speed us off to the hospital when we’re hurt! The Super Kids will be given related quests and challenges as they pretend to be these Superheroes. They may even be paid a visit by real police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and a Red Cross first aid/safety specialist!
12 Mar
1:15 pm - 4:15 pm
On Schedule

Harry's School of Magic!

Abracadabra, alakazam, let’s fly to Harry’s School of Magic as fast as you can! Each day will be a truly magical adventure with mysterious obstacles and mazes as the Super Kids practice taking risks and building self-confidence, all while making new friends! It will be a wonderfully wizardly time!
13 Mar
1:15 pm - 4:15 pm
On Schedule

Dinosaur Adventure

Let the adventure begin! Triceratops, Velociraptors, and dinosaurs of all kinds come alive in our Jurassic Gym! Each Super Kid-osaurus will experience prehistoric adventures using big body play, directive activities and thrilling games! They will make their way through the muddy wetlands, dig for fossils and follow the massive footprints to discover the beauty of these prehistoric creatures!
14 Mar
1:15 pm - 4:15 pm
On Schedule

The Little Gym Tumbles & Cheers

5,6,7,8 who do we appreciate?! The Little Gym! Get ready to tumble, cheer and dance your way through a week full of TLG spirit! Each day we will introduce different cheer-ventures that include basic tumbling skills, simple stunts and sprinkle in a bit of dance all focused around TEAMWORK! Super Kids, L-E-T-S G-O!
15 Mar
1:15 pm - 4:15 pm
On Schedule

Sports of All Sorts

Which sport is your favorite? Can’t decide? Now you don’t have to! The Super Kids are invited to wear their favorite sports teams’ shirts, jerseys and swag! Each day they will experience a unique sports adventure with friends focusing on teamwork & hand-eye coordination. While being coached to increase their strength, speed & listening skills, we will elevate their enthusiasm for sports of all sorts!
25 Mar
1:15 pm - 4:15 pm
On Schedule

Pajama Party!

Come in your PJ’s and be ready to PARTY The Little Gym Way!  The Super Kids are welcome to wear their pajamas during this outrageously fun adventure!  Games, challenges and even some Hip Hop Dance will make this Pajama Party a Quest to remember!
29 Mar
1:15 pm - 4:15 pm
April 2024
On Schedule

Secret Agent: Gyms Bond!

“My name is ‘Bond’, ‘Gyms Bond’! Our Super Kids will have an adventure-packed week pretending to be “secret agents” . Each day the Super Kids will join ‘Gym’s Bond’ for fun challenges, creative activities and games including “secret hiding places”, “searching for clues to a solve a mystery”, and fun “catch me if you can” – challenges!
10 Apr
1:15 pm - 4:15 pm
No event found!
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We’ve Got Answers!

How long is a camp at The Little Gym?

Our camp programs are 3-4 hours long.

What age of children can attend camp?

Super Quest Camps are designed for children ages 3-8 years; all children must be bathroom independent. Skill Thrill Camps are intended for children ages 6-12 years. Please contact the gym to learn more about their camp offerings, as options vary by location.

How many children are in each camp?

Safety is the number one rule at The Little Gym. All camps are limited to provide a small student/teacher ratio and ensure a safe environment. Please contact your local gym for more information on camp sizes.

The Little Gym of Houston Heights, TX is not regulated by CCR and is not considered a childcare facility.