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For our most current Class, Awesome Birthday Bash, & Parents Survival Night schedules, click on the links below! As we offer continuous enrollment all year long, we add classes when we need to open more; don't miss out on a new class that works for you!

**For questions and/or to enroll in a program, call or text us directly, we're happy to find the best fit for your child! 636-337-3167** 

Classes: Current Class Schedule

Awesome Birthday Bashes: Birthday Bash Information

Parents Survival Nights: Current Parents Survival Nights Available 

Birthday Invitation

Looking for a Birthday Invitation to send to your friends? Use this invite, including a link to our online waivers! We can't wait to see you and your friends at a birthday party soon! 


Birthday Invitation

Get started in a new class today!

Our kids look forward to their fun, safe, and clean classes each week! Join your preferred class now, and stay as long as you like. Your price is locked in as long as you're enrolled. 

Classes are a great way for kids to safely socialize during a time when it's hard to get out and about. With the same teachers, kids and parents each week, kids gain comfort and familiarity, while growing physical, emotional and social skills through gymnastics each week. Call us to find a great fit today. 

Hundreds of families play with us at The Little Gym of Fenton each week. Classes are for children 4 months - 12 years old, and help children grow their confidence through gymnastics each week, while having a blast with our trained team. Join our TLG family by finding a class that works for your family. 

Sign your child up for weekly classes with The Little Gym and watch them grow all year long. Although some classes are full, call us or or sign up online to find a class that fits with your busy schedule.  Enroll anytime, and your price is prorated. Stay as long as you'd like, at your locked-in price. 

Air High 5's are the new High 5's

Families enroll all year long at The Little Gym, and we'll prorate your prices from when you begin. So c'mon - give us a call today, or sign up online! We can't wait to get started helping your child build their confidence in our warm, fun, and nurturing gym. We'll see you on the big red mat.

Parents Survival Night Is Back!

Parents Survival Night

Because parents need a break too ... We have Parents Survival Night every other Friday night! Sign the kids up for clean, safe, socially distanced fun led by our fun instructors. Check our schedule for themes and to sign up online. 

PSN will be a fun night for you, and for the kids! Sign them up with a friend for even more fun! Drop the kids off for 4 structured and seriously fun hours with our fun and enthusiastic team. They'll play games, activities, eat a dinner that you pack and bring for them, and also some great Lego fun! All for less than a babysitter. 

Bring a friend for more fun! 

Enroll online today, or contact us with any questions!  

*Open for children 3 - 10 years old, who are bathroom independent 

Now Hiring - Children's Enrichment Instructor

Want to get paid for giving high fives? Apply for a part-time job at The Little Gym of Fenton and get job from helping children and families every day. We currently have one weekday, weeknight and one weekend part-time position that we're looking to fill with someone enthusiastic, fun and high-energy. If that sounds like you, and you love playing with kids, get in touch with us!

We're looking for energetic, responsible, enthusiastic, and fun people who love teaching & playing with kids. Send your information in our careers link, and we can't wait to talk with you soon! Check out our team here!

Some of our fun team members

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Interested in trying out The Little Gym? Sign up today and try an introductory class for $30.00

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Our unique curriculum is based on a holistic approach to learning, challenging children to master the physical, emotional and life skills they’ll need for tomorrow, today

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