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When kids are happy,

parents are happy.

At The Little Gym, there’s nothing we love more than happy kids and parents who feel supported – it’s what we call a DOUBLE WIN. We strive to make each and every child feel happy and confident at our gym and our reviews show just how happy we our members.

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August 11, 2023

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June 18, 2023

I love to see my niece enjoying this place so much. Ty is so good with children, he is very involved with their activities and they all have lots of fun because of Ty. Thank you Little Gym.


April 17, 2023

My family all adore little gym!! My daughter started 8 months ago. She has made so much progress and we have made some great friends! Ms. Graham is amazing!! She is great at creating relationships with the kids and knowing when to push each kid.


February 6, 2023

So this is long overdue. Little Gym in Dulles and Coach Damien, Coach D, truly helped Miguel with his growth. I believe he started at the earliest, 10 months, maybe it was 9 months, and watching Miguel grow and interact with the others, test his body with hanging and rolling and just doing fun things for a full year there, was a true gift to watch. Coach D was an amazing teacher, and a great coach in general. My wife and I truly enjoyed waking up early on Sunday to take Miguel to the 8am class. Loved seeing Coach D, and loved seeing Miguel enjoy himself with the other kids. This Little Gym is awesome, compared to a couple others we have gone to now, Dulles is by far the BEST. We just recently moved down to SC, and one of the only things we were sad about when leaving VA, was that we weren’t going to be at the Dulles Little Gym anymore with Coach D and his staff/team. Everyone there is great, we just were blessed to have Coach Damien, and we couldn’t have asked for a better first coach/teacher. Highly recommend checking this Little Gym out, you will not regret it. Sooooo beneficial, and you meet a lot of good parents and kids in the area. We really miss it, but hope that some of the gyms down in SC can be at least 50% of what Dulles Little Gym and Coach D were. Thank you again Dulles Little Gym and Coach D for helping Miguel grow, helping Miguel learn how to share better, and just letting the kids be kids, while teaching them at the same time. Cheers!! We miss our Sundays with you!!


January 16, 2023

Okay, I am absolutely compelled to leave a review of The Little Gym of Dulles Landing. We had our daughter's 2-year birthday party there yesterday and we are still reeling from our experience. We have not been that well taken care of since our wedding. The staff was so on point that we literally cannot get over it 24 hours later. It was a display of absolute professionalism in what they do. From the moment we walked through the door, it was a red carpet experience. The activities they did, their positive attitudes, big energy, etc. etc. We didn't have much of a plan for our daughter's future birthdays, but we now know 100% that we will continue coming here. The Little Gym of Dulles Landing is absolute perfection. Our daughter had a ball. Our family and friends had a ball. My wife and I are overjoyed. This is, without question, the best place to celebrate your little one's birthday. We are now looking into joining on a regular basis. Thank you so much to the staff for an unbelievable experience. We are now your loyal fans.


December 9, 2022

My son loves the Little Gym! It's such a great way for him to get his wiggles out while also teaching him important skills (following directions, listening, structure, etc.). He has such a great bond with the teacher and trusts her. I highly recommend this gym!


December 9, 2022

I’ve been coming for almost 6 years, first with my older daughter at 18 months and now with my 2 1/2 year old. Every instructor has been kind and professional, and I love that they offer additional classes like summer camps and parent nights. We always have a great time, and everyone always greets us by name with a smile. Cannot recommend enough.


July 23, 2022

The staff is wonderful and our little one has really been thriving. Clean, safe, friendly, and fun!


July 20, 2022

All of the teachers are AMAZING! They know how to handle kids of all ages. My only complaint is that the parent-child class can get so crowded. They let multiple parents or grandparents to participate for just one child. It can literally be so crowded in there that there’s not always room to do the group activity like a back roll, for example.


July 11, 2022

We’ve been attending for a year and a half and have a blast every time. Everyone from the owner to the class instructors is incredibly kind, positive, and encouraging and engaging with the children. The facility is clean and safe, and they are flexible and understanding with scheduling classes. We love the little gym!