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At The Little Gym, there’s nothing we love more than happy kids and parents who feel supported – it’s what we call a DOUBLE WIN. We strive to make each and every child feel happy and confident at our gym and our reviews show just how happy we our members.

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April 25, 2024

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April 8, 2024

Our daughter loves her time at The Little Gym. We take advantage of everything they offer. She takes a weekly class that helps her learn gymnastics and tumbling along with learning how to interact with others. My husband and I love the parents nights. Kiddo gets to run around and play and we can go enjoy an evening out knowing she will be well cared for. Our very favorite part are the camps they offer during school breaks. The themed camps days are so great for letting the littles work off the energy they would normally burn through at school. The Little Gym is such a blessing. Update - We just had our daughter’s birthday party there. I highly recommend it for a great party experience. Scheduling was easy and the pre party communication was excellent. They made sure every base was covering in terms of food, decorations, and activities. My daughter got to pick the activities and be the helper. The teachers put so much of their heart into making this a wonderful memory for the kids. We didn’t have to do anything other than show up with the food and the birthday girl. Susan, Zoe, and Tran handled everything else like total pros.


March 23, 2024

Love this place. My 6 year old started taking classes here at the beginning of the year and she loves it, too. It's noncompetitive which is awesome for us. She learns skills and always has fun. Classes are structured so they often have more than one station set up at a time. Most of the stations the kids can do on their own, and at one or two stations the teacher spots and instructs. This allows the kids to be active the whole time and not have to wait in line too long. The staff is great, always super friendly and happy to see the kids. I highly recommend them.


March 11, 2024

The Little Gym Spring is fantastic. The staff are so engaging and inclusive. The facility is always clean. We are very grateful for the team at TLG Spring!


March 4, 2024

First I want to start by saying, we had an amazing time at my daughter’s birthday party! The place was clean, organized, and the party items I brought were well set up by the party staff. The kids had so much fun with the gym instructors and the energy was great throughout the party. I included a few photos to show how nice everything was placed. They really did a great job! But, there are definitely some recommendations I would make on the business side of The Little Gym of Spring location. When booking this party originally, I was told we have 1.5 hours, which was okay but I think the time should just be 2 hours, as most places are. Because of this, I definitely wanted to add an extra 30 minutes on. I was told it would be $30. I paid a deposit, then I was told the remaining can be paid the day of. I called a week ahead to see if I could pay early, I like to get this out of the way so I can enjoy special days then go home. Most businesses will give you an option to do this, I was told I couldn’t pay ahead, that was fine, I just waited till the day of. The day of the party came and we had a great time, in the last hour though, the staff started being in a rush to get us out. Although I had already said several times I definitely wanted that extra time because we were trying to enjoy my daughter’s birthday. We ended up finishing up around 5:45 and started packing up to go. It was time to pay and I was told I couldn’t use a different card than the one on file and the card reader wasn’t working. The staff was very nice but seemed to not know how to fix the issue. I understand technical things are sometimes timely, but I waited just to end up not getting it paid. Plus, when I reserved the party from the beginning I was told the extra 30 minutes was $30, but actually ended up being $50. We didn’t even use the entire 30 minutes either, so that was a little upsetting. Therefore, I had to come in this morning to pay because for some reason they couldn’t take payments over the phone. I get there, the card reader wasn’t working still. A call or message saying “the issue is still not fixed, we will let you know when to come in to pay the remaining balance” would’ve been a good idea. I came in to pay and still couldn’t, just to offer my own solution, paying in cash. I went to the bank and brought the cash back. Honestly, the manager is so sweet and I feel bad to even leave this review like this but I felt like I was running circles to accommodate an issue with their system. Then we’re going over the invoice (which I didn’t get a full invoice until the very end), someone, I’m assuming the staff, added an almost $60 tip for themselves, which the manager took off when I told her I didn’t add that. It was bad for them because I most definitely would’ve tipped if I had not dealt with the issues that were going on. The miscommunication about the cost of the extra 30 minutes, then waiting around to get their system working and it never would. I really thought after my troubles we would receive a small discount. Nothing major, I didn’t bother to ask for one either, but I thought they would offer one. In business, when there are several problems or miscommunication, a small 5-10% discount makes a big difference on the customer service. Overall, the party was great and we enjoyed our time, but there are some flaws that need to be worked out with their system and team. Just for reference, my total ended up being $385. I supplied all the party items, decor, utensils, food, snacks, and dessert, those are not included. It’s a cute and fun place, but they should consider working on some things before booking future parties.


September 12, 2023

The kids had fun. I was at a kids birthday party and the cake was the best I have ever had an I have eaten a lot in 46 years.


July 7, 2023

We have been with the Little Gym for about 6 months and it has been a great experience. In the beginning, our daughter was hesitant but now she loves it! All of the teachers/staff are wonderful and we are so happy to be a part of TLG - Spring!


June 8, 2023

So my daughter has been going to this location on and off since she was 4 months old. She is now 17 months old. We absolutely love the classes. Denver has learned too many new skills and her confidence has grown tremendously. We love Ms.Kristen. She is so good with all of the children and gives each kid her undivided attention.


May 3, 2023

I found the Little Gym online and went to visit to understand what birthday party packages they have. I was greeted by Susan whom gave my husband and I an overview. She was knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. We booked with them, because 1st there was no need to be a member to set a birthday party there and second because Susan was so nice and welcoming that we had a good feeling about the gym. We will be back for other birthday party. Thank you


March 27, 2023

My daughter had a great time for her try out session. Was well worth it as the instructor is super patient, experienced and great with kids. Will be enrolling her for regular classes.