Dance! at The Little Gym Classes in Hatfield, PA

Classes for Ages 3 Years to 12 Years

Give your child a well-rounded dance experience focused on building skills and having SERIOUS FUN!

Learn & Grow Together

Our dance programs for preschool and grade school-age children focus on building skills and technique. They are designed for any child who wants to enjoy the benefits of dance. Through a fun combination of dance styles and genres, students will learn fundamental movement concepts such as spatial orientation, rhythm and tempo. Whether you’re taking a class for the first time, or continuing on in our program, your child will have fun learning to express themselves through dance.

Why Choose Our Dance Classes?

Age-Appropriate Learning: From the playful twirls of preschoolers to the structured routines of grade schoolers, our curriculum is designed to match each age group’s developmental stage.

Building Confidence:
Dance is a journey of self-expression. Our classes help children gain confidence, not just on the dance floor, but in all areas of life.

Social & Emotional Growth: Dancing is a communal activity. Children learn to interact, cooperate, and form bonds with their peers, enriching their social and emotional well-being.

Safety & Comfort: Our dance studios are spacious, well-lit, and equipped with safe flooring. Our instructors are trained to ensure every child feels comfortable and valued.

Diverse Dance Styles: From ballet to hip-hop, we offer a range of dance styles, ensuring every child finds their rhythm and joy.

Try Us Out!

Not sure if The Little Gym is right for your child? Let us show you what serious fun is all about. Book an introductory class with us to experience The Little Gym with no risk. 

Dance! at The Little Gym Class Schedule

Classes listed are based on the gym schedule for the next 7 days and may be impacted by holiday hours in the next week. All classes listed are subject to availability based on current enrollment. For future dates and current availability, please select a class and click “Join Now” to be connected to our full enrollment portal.

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2:00 PM

Pre-K I Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics

3 Years - 10 Years
3:00 PM
2:00 PM

Pre-K I Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics

3 Years - 10 Years
3:00 PM
2:00 PM

Pre-K I Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics

3 Years - 10 Years
3:00 PM
2:00 PM

Pre-K I Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics

3 Years - 10 Years
3:00 PM
2:00 PM

Pre-K I Ballet/Tap/Gymnastics

3 Years - 10 Years
3:00 PM

Explore our Dance! at The Little Gym Classes

Our classes are created to help your child grow and learn at their own pace. Learn more about the skills we focus on at each level.

Pre-K Dance

3 years - 6 years

Tap into your child’s creativity and imagination with this foundational intro to dance technique. Our Pre-K Dance classes at The Little Gym include: Fundamental dance skills, from traditional ballet to jazz and hip hop. Directive music and creative movement that emphasize rhythm, muscle memory, and counting. A progressive skill growth path to help develop a love of dance and performance.

Grade School Dance

6 Years - 12 Years

Dancers focus on proper technique—from traditional ballet to jazz and hip hop —while adding new movements, new sequences, and a love for dance as an expressive art form.