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At The Little Gym of London, we specialize in unique educational classes that revolve around active play.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Information

Friday, May 8, 2020 11:45am

We continue to appreciate all of our members who have been overwhelmingly supportive of our small business through this shutdown. We are coming to the realization that our type of business will remain closed for longer than we had anticipated. However, we are determined to see this through because we feel what we do for parents, families, and children's futures is not only irreplaceable, but something that we absolutely love to do.  We have also risked a lot and worked very hard over the past 15 years to build this thriving business, and we have a lot of confidence that what we provide will have value to the community in the future.

However, at least in the short term, our business will look different in order to keep everyone safe. We are working hard on operational plans to be ready for re-opening (whenever we are allowed to) in the areas of cleaning and disinfecting and social distancing that will ensure continuation of our programs in the safest possible manner for our members and our team. 

In the meantime, we have been developing online content for our currently enrolled students and have been teaching by ZOOM for the past few weeks. This has allowed parents to use makeups (paid classes that would have taken place during the shutdown) by having their children attend these classes from home. It is going extremely well, and we are getting better at delivering this each day. Very soon, we will be accepting paid registrations from new members to attend these virtual classes. All the details, including procedures and pricing will be coming soon. We will be depending on families in our community to support us in this way until we re-open, and certainly we will need these virtual class customers to continue even after we re-open.  We anticipate reduced attendance in the short term pending social distancing regulations that will likely be in place when we re-open, along with the possibility that not every family will chose to return to the gym at the same time. Either way, we want to make sure we are available in anyway our community families are most comfortable interacting with us. 

For any family who has paid for classes or events that have not taken place during the shutdown, we have so appreciated your patience. We will have many options for you to chose from in order to get the value back for these missed classes. We ask for your continued patience and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your understanding.

If you need to reach out to us, please contact us by email at If you have a word of encouragement for anyone on our team, please post to our Facebook page here >>

If you are a member and haven't participated in one of our online instructor-led classes, please email us to get more information. 

If you are not enrolled, but are interested, please email us as well. 

Once again, we are all healthy, we miss you all, give your kids a hug, and please stay safe.

Mr Ed, Ms Mari, Ms Erin and the whole team.



Saturday, March 21, 2020 1:30pm

Please scroll down for previous messages from us if you haven't been to this site yet. This will save us from repeating information we have already posted.

We and our team are all still healthy and happy. However, like everyone, we are still in a holding pattern on the best way to proceed. Our primary goal, other than to stay healthy, is to make decisions that will allow our business to see this through and be able to operate when this is all over. Please know that we are staying on top of all missed classes and will come up with options for you once we know more. 

We are producing short videos that will help keep the children occupied and distracted during this time. We hope you are taking advantage of these on our Facebook page > 

We are confident that we will see this through together, and simply ask everyone to be kind to each other and offer to help your friends and neighbours wherever you can.


Friday, March 20, 2020 11:15am

Please scroll down for previous messages from us if you haven't been to this site yet. This will save us from repeating information we have already posted.

No news to update you with today, other than, please join us on Facebook for content we have been working on and have posted to keep our students entertained at home. As parents ourselves, we get how difficult it is to be home all day with small children, so we hope these will help.  Link to our page here >

Please check your emails for more specific updates from us as we manage through the myriad of tasks and decisions our business requires for us to weather this storm. If you are enrolled, and have not had an email from us, please send us a message so we can get your address corrected in our list. email or text only to 519-280-0949 

We appreciate all the positive comments and offers to help. We can't say how much we appreciate the family vibe we are getting from most of you. Please heed advice from all health authorities. We are all healthy and very thankful for our blessings.   


Thursday, March 19, 2020 11:45am

Please scroll down for previous messages from us if you haven't been to this site yet. This will save us from repeating information we have already posted.

The only message we can add today is that we are getting a number of calls and texts from enrolled members that seem to imply that you have not yet read our emails. Kindly check your email address (the one you gave us when you registered) prior to messaging or calling us. If your email address has changed, or you haven't received any emails from us, let us know and we will get it out to you.

Like everyone else, we are in a holding pattern, waiting to get more clarity on the length of this crisis and on any government assistance for small business.

We appreciate all the positive comments and offers to help. We can't say how much we appreciate the family vibe we are getting from most of you. Please heed advice from all health authorities. We are all healthy and wishing you to stay positive and safe.  


Wednesday, March 18, 2020 1:30pm

Please scroll down for previous messages from us if you haven't been to this site yet.

We appreciate everyone's amazing support so far, as we are a small business making efforts to make sure we come through this so we can be here for the kids when this is over. We are actively tracking all missed classes (there are none this week, as we would normally have no classes during March Break.) But for classes next week, we will be accruing makeups for you for the weeks of classes after March Break for families that keep their tuition current. 

There is no need to cancel your classes at this time. If you are currently enrolled, an email communication will be coming to you soon to explain what we are doing and what your options are, and how you can help us if you like. We appreciate your patience, and advise you to follow all recommendations from health authorities.

Thanks for all the awesome participation and comments on our "TLG At Home" videos. They are super fun to make. We realize it is not professional video production, but that is half the fun!

We are all still healthy and happy and thankful for the blessings that we have. Say hi to your amazing kids and we will see you all soon!



 The Government of Ontario has declared a state of emergency through March 31. We are now suspending all activities through that date. 

As a small business, we would like to appeal for calm. There is no need to cancel your enrolments. We will actively track all missed classes between now and March 31. (There are no scheduled classes this week.) There will be options for you to make them up. As long as your tuition is current, you will not lose your spot in your class. We will be in touch with you if you have a birthday party or Parent Survival Night scheduled this month with options from which you can choose. The Little Gym of London has been a success for 15 years, and we will see this through.

We are working on fun activities you and your child can participate in on-line. Watch for this on our Facebook page. Please connect with us below. We want to make sure the children have an opportunity to stay connected with us and feel a sense of community while staying safe.

The Little Gym Facebook page >

The Little Gym Instagram page >

We appeal to your sense of the situation for everyone, be kind to each other, and follow instructions of health authorities. Links can be found if you scroll down further from here.

If you feel you need to contact us>

1. email > This is the preferred method

2. text only (519) 280-0949 (no voice)

3. the "have questions? text us" bubble on our website

4. phone (519) 642-0660. PLEASE MAKE THIS YOUR LAST RESORT. Phones are just too busy. Use other methods above and we will call you if it is necessary.

We can't guarantee an immediate response, but we will respond as quickly as we can.

Please know that we are all safe and our team of instructors remain healthy and upbeat. We can't wait to see you all soon!


Monday, March 16, 2020

The Little Gym of London has made the difficult decision to suspend March Break Camps for the week of March 16-20. We understand the difficulty this will present to families who need the childcare. We also understand the difficulty it will present to our team members who are employed with us. We love these two groups of people more than you can know.

This decision is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and follows the guidelines recommended by Middlesex London Public Health, the City of London, Gymnastics Ontario and The Little Gym International.

Classes don't normally resume until March 21 at the close of the March break. We are working through the decisions around classes and will have more on this soon. 

We will be in contact with each camp family regarding options for you surrounding the cancellation decision.

We encourage all our members to be calm and know that cancelling your class enrolments at this time is not necessary. We will have options for you as things develop and want to reassure you that we will be on top of any missed classes due to this event.

We will be in contact with any birthday party host parents with options for you to choose from if your party is scheduled to take place while we are closed.

We strongly encourage you to follow the directions of local, provincial and national authorities so this can be over soon. The best sources of information are health officials. Here are links to sites that may be helpful to you:   


We appreciate the support of all our members at this time, and we are hopeful that this will pass quickly, and that everyone will stay safe.

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