In a world where kids are constantly on the move and full of boundless energy, finding the perfect outlet for their active imaginations can be a challenge. That’s where The Little Gym comes in – a haven of fun, fitness, and boundless possibilities for children of all ages.

Child Skill Development

From our vibrant and engaging classes to our enthusiastic instructors who inspire a sense of wonder and exploration, The Little Gym offers a unique blend of physical activity, creativity, and skill development that leaves children and parents smiling from ear to ear.

Get ready to discover why The Little Gym isn’t just a kids’ gym – it’s a magical place where every child can shine, grow, and embark on their own incredible adventure while having so much fun.

Kids Gym Programs From 4 Months to 12 Years Old

The programs at The Little Gym are developed to engage children from tummy time at 4 months old to back handsprings at 12 years old and everything in between. It all starts with our Parent Child Classes where you and your son or daughter can explore and grow together.

After watching them grow and thrive, The Little Gym can help them continue to build their confidence and skills with gymnastics classes. Our Pre-K Gymnastics Programs give your little one a great introduction to gymnastics. With a solid set of skills, they’ll grow into our Grade School Gymnastics Programs.

Foster Learning In a Way They’ll Absolutely Love

The Little Gym is not just another kids’ gym. We combine fun and physical activity with the essential pillars of childhood development to nurture the whole child.Child's Motor skills

Even though our kid’s gym activities will improve your child’s motor skills and show them just how capable their body is, they’ll be growing emotionally and mentally too.

Whether your child is interested in gymnastics or wants to move to the music, they’ll be gaining confidence, developing their social skills, and gaining a lifelong love for learning along the way.

At The Little Gym, we’ve created a nurturing and fun environment where we cater to the specific physical and emotional needs of your child based on their age.

All of our gymnastics classes are led by qualified instructors who have a deep understanding of the importance of childhood development as well as the benefits of raising healthy, happy kids.

Memorable and Safe Sensory Experiences

Gymnastics classes at our kids gym are designed to provide a workout as well as a full sensory experience while prioritizing your child’s safety.

Engaging in Sensory Activities

Engaging in sensory activities helps children develop sensory processing skills, allowing them to effectively interpret and respond to sensory stimuli from their environment. This can lead to improved attention, focus, self-regulation, and emotional well-being.

Sensory play also encourages children to use their imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills to explore, experiment, and create. It can even help your child learn to regulate their emotions more effectively, making it easier for them to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm.

Social Skills Groups with an Element of Fun

Our kids gym is primarily focused on engaging physical activities that kids love, but we also provide social skills groups in the form gymnastics classes.

Social Skills Groups with an Element of Fun

As your child engages in group activities, they learn more about the intricacies of social interaction, cooperation, and teamwork among children. Engaging in sensory play with peers provides opportunities for communication, collaboration, and building relationships.

Enhancing kids’ social skills from a young age will benefit them throughout life both in and outside of school, helping them become more wholesome little humans.

Unforgettable Kid’s Gym Birthday Parties

Our birthday parties are just another reason why our kids gym stands out from the rest.

Imagine your child enjoying a day of gymnastics, in-gym obstacle courses, and games as they celebrate with family and friends.

Happy BirthDay Girl

We’ll keep your kids entertained with a series of free-flowing activities and music, which will encourage them to stretch their bodies and imaginations. We take the stress off parents too by taking care of everything so that you can enjoy your child’s big day too.

And, for some extra fun, you can even add a theme to your little one’s birthday bash. Choose between a Llama Llama, Royal Prince or Princess, Hungry Caterpillar, and Spectacular

Superheros theme to make their day even more unforgettable.

Gymnastics and a Whole Lot More

Gymnastics and a Whole Lot More!

Whether your child is just a few months old or they’re already in grade school, we have a class they’ll love!

From infant to toddler, our parent and child classes are all about those important formative years. We’ll have them moving, balancing, and strengthening their muscles to the sound of music and you’ll be there to enjoy the entire adventure with them.

Grade School Gymnastics

If your child is more of a thrill seeker and wants to learn some impressive new moves, The Little Gym also offers Pre-K and Grade School Gymnastics classes. Our programs are full of movement, learning, and laughter, with each level featuring a fun, progressive curriculum designed to develop age-appropriate skills.

Kids Gymanstics

Our kids gym will give your child the opportunity to learn, play, and grow during their time outside of school. Find The Little Gym near you and check out our schedule of classes to get started.