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5 Reasons Why Gymnastics Benefits Children of All Ages


 The Little Gym, the world's premier enrichment and physical development center for children ages four months through 12, is welcoming new and past faces to join their local gym to celebrate National Gymnastics Day Sept. 17, 2022.

"Gymnastics has numerous benefits for all children and sets a strong foundation for developing the body, mind and heart," said Taryn H. Parker, Director of Curriculum and Training. "We're thrilled to be able to celebrate with little ones across the country and watch them grow on this special day at our gyms."

Through gymnastic classes for children at The Little Gym, children grow their skills across three different developmental domains: Get Moving (Physical Skills), Brain Boost (Cognitive Development) and Citizen Kid (Social & Emotional Intelligence). All three of these make up The Little Gym's proprietary 3-Dimensional Learning Approach.

Below are five key reasons why gymnastics benefits children:

  1. Aspires Young Athletes - Gymnastics provides children with a strong foundation to pursue any sport. At The Little Gym, it's building blocks or 'ABCs of Fitness': agility, balance and coordination. Exposing your child to gymnastics at any age and stage is beneficial. Gymnastics is the true springboard in your child's life adventures, as kids learn transferable skills that will give them the confidence to try any sport and discover their passion.

  2. Improves Self-Confidence - Coupled with supportive instruction, gymnastics develops children's self-confidence. With every attempt at improving a cartwheel, kids learn how to try, and most importantly – to try again. The more children try new things and acquire new skills, the more confidence they have in themselves.

  3. Helps Maintain a Well-Balanced Lifestyle - Learning balance goes way beyond simple beam skills. Gymnasts learn how to balance their commitment to this sport along with the importance of self-care, their responsibilities in school and dedication to family and friends.

  4. Develops Leadership Mindset - At The Little Gym, a teaching philosophy is that, "It is OK to make mistakes" since every mistake is a future learning opportunity. When a child learns to master a specific gymnastic skill, like a handstand, they develop a solution-oriented mindset, by asking themselves, "What worked? What can I do better next time?" Mindset is a foundational skill in our next generation of leaders.

  5. Promotes Positive Body Image and Self-Esteem - In our non-competitive environment, every child is accepted for who they are. Gymnastics provides an opportunity for your child to feel fit, strong, capable and proud of their body. Everybody is different, and when these differences are celebrated in a safe, secure and healthy environment, children can truly unlock their potential.

The Little Gym prides itself on providing support to children in all areas of development. From motor and language development to social and emotional development, parents continue to bring their children to The Little Gym to hone the skills they may not learn elsewhere through three-dimensional learning.

With nearly 400 locations across 31 countries, The Little Gym teaches kids social and physical skills appropriate to each stage of childhood by creating opportunities to experience achievement and build self-confidence.

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