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9/10 March 20, 2018

My son loves going there and all the activities keep him engaged.

10/10 March 16, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 March 9, 2018

I love how kind the teachers are at the little gym! Plus, my little gets so much experience in being in a classroom like setting without even realizing it! She absolutely loves The Little Gym and looks forward to it all week. She has actually learned her days of the week just so she knows what day she gets to go! Also, it's nice to have conversations with other parents :)

10/10 March 9, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 March 5, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 February 20, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 February 20, 2018

No comment provided.

8/10 February 20, 2018

Let the children use the equipment on a fairly close amount of time. I know the littlest kids don't understand the hour class time and we find it harder to tell them its the next kid's turn, but it can be done.

10/10 February 8, 2018

It allows my children to burn off energy in a constructive, friendly, social environment.

10/10 February 6, 2018

No comment provided.

7/10 February 4, 2018

I notified the Little Gym of Madison, Al of my concern over the 2-5 year olds not taking turns in the circuits. I received a response back from The Little Gym saying the instructors realize the importance of waiting to perform an activity after the person in front has cleared the area. If we remain enrolled at the Little Gym, it will be because my feedback impacted change. I will give them a few weeks.

10/10 February 1, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 January 29, 2018

The patience the teachers have with the kids and my son has so much fun running and flipping and playing games. He really enjoys himself!

10/10 January 16, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 January 10, 2018

They are always so sweet with my son, and indulge his imaginative play. He always has fun, and can’t wait to go back!

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