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10/10 August 23, 2017

The LIttle Gym has such a friendly and caring staff. My 2 year old had separation anxiety, so I brought her to class to make friends and to become more comfortable around other people. By the end of the summer session she was allowing the teacher to assist her, a huge step forward.

10/10 August 18, 2017

Love the program and Miss. Brittany

10/10 August 15, 2017

The instructors are always so enthusiatic,the positive attitude and smiles the instructors have make my son comfortable.Every class is fun!

3/10 August 15, 2017

My daughter received a gift card recently, we were under the understanding the gift card would cover 4 weeks of class. I signed my daughter up. I was unawre there was a membership fee until after she was signed up. I took my daughter to the first class and paid for what I thought was the remainder for the 4 weeks. For 2 weeks I was told 2 different prices and very confused. I was frustrated because I paid 100.00 for 3 classes and in order for her to continue to participate In the rest of classes I would have to pay 60.00 more dollars. I paid it. When I called to schedule her to begin I was told she would get 6 classes for 120.00. When really it was more. I love the staff everyone is so friendly and my daughter loves it. The only problem was the surprise payments I had to pay and getting 3 different answers from 3 different people. If it was explained a little better it would have been easier on my part knowing I had to pay that amount.

10/10 August 15, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 July 24, 2017

My daughter likes that the programs always challenge her. The programs teach skills in a fun way.

10/10 July 17, 2017

We love the staff and the time they take to help our daughter learn new skills and face her fears.

9/10 June 30, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 31, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 27, 2017

No comment provided.

9/10 May 23, 2017

No comment provided.

8/10 May 19, 2017

Offer additional practice times

9/10 May 12, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 11, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 May 8, 2017

The teaching staff and management are wonderful. The gym is clean and the employees are always enthusiastic! My son and I love it there. What a great opportunity for socialization and strength/skill building!

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