School may be out, but fun is in at The Little Gym of Arlington/Mansfield

Day camp at The Little Gym of Arlington/Mansfield gives your kid the summer camp experience without the bug bites, poison ivy and week-long commitments. Combining fun physical activity, games, and arts & crafts, we’ll help your child beat the summer heat by staying cool at The Little Gym.  Our fantastic camps in Mansfield are also available during some other school breaks!

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Ages 3-12

Pricing: Camps start at $22 per session

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Choose Your Adventure

Camps at The Little Gym come in all shapes and sizes. Super Quest camps and Grade School Skill thrill camps give your adventurer something unique.

Super Quest Camps

Your child will spend three adventure-filled hours a day on a unique, exciting quest with their friends. Each week revolves around an interactive learning theme with different, creative lesson plans that will keep your child engaged.

Ages 3-8

Grade School Skill Thrill

Thrill seekers wanted! Your child will take their gymnastics skills to the next level through a special three-hour program, focusing on specific beginner, intermediate or advanced moves. By the end of the summer they’ll stick the landing when they handspring back to school.

Ages 6-12

4 MO 12 YR
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Pricing: Camps start at $22 per session

Ages 3 - 12

Week Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
March 14-20
9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
A Royal Renaissance - Princes & Princesses
Ages 3 - 8

Hidden in the Hum-Giggle Garden of the Princess & Prince’s palace, a magical and mysterious royal party takes place!  If the Super Kids can search through Hum-Giggle Garden to find their way to the social event of the year, they will take part in royal games and challenges!  Get ready to be treated like royalty! 

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Ages 3 - 8

Give me an ‘F – U – N!’  What’s that spell?  “FUN!” Get ready for a fun week filled with cheers, chants and flashy moves! Your child will enjoy cheering, dancing, high-powered gymnastics, teamwork and FUN! 

1 PM - 4 PM
Back Handspring Bonanza
Ages 6 - 12

This Skill Thrill Camp is perfect for kids who are ready to learn the Back Handspring or for those looking for more of a challenge in learning power tumbling variations! 

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Shipwrecked! A Pirate Parrrrtttayyy!
Ages 3 - 8

This week the Super Kids will embark on a journey with Green Beard The Pirate’s Galleon!  Each day our little pirates will embark on a new adventure, sailing to a new island, and search for new, buried treasure! 

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM
The Little Gym Tumbles & Cheers
Ages 3 - 8

5,6,7,8 who do we appreciate?! The Little Gym! Get ready to tumble, cheer and dance your way through a week full of TLG spirit! Each day we will introduce different cheer-ventures that include basic tumbling skills, simple stunts and sprinkle in a bit of dance all focused around TEAMWORK! Super Kids, L-E-T-S G-O!

1 PM - 4 PM
Kip, Kip Horray
Ages 6 - 12

The Kip Skill on the bar is one of the most important – yet most difficult – skills to learn for the intermediate/advanced gymnast.  This Skill Thrill Camp offers the focus and repetition required to learn the subtle movements of the Kip.

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The Little Gym is the exclusive childhood development center home to LEGO®-based activities. Look for special building experiences in “Let’s Build, Let’s Play” Parent/Child events, WonderKids Club, Awesome Birthday Bash parties, Camps and Parents’ Survival Nights!


More Fun at The Little Gym of Arlington/Mansfield

Come join us to make new friends, learn new things and build self-confidence in a super fun, supportive environment.

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