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10/10 June 13, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 June 5, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 May 28, 2018

Good location, Cleanliness, cozy environment, friendly staff, lots of area to play, and everyone gets chances. Good mix of gymnastics and games. Thankful for parent survival nights, which we feel is more important for our daughter than us, because she gets full 3 hours of exercise, in a place of her choice. My daughter looks forward to all sessions, which goes to say that your programs are fun.

10/10 May 25, 2018

The energy level is great! The instructors are great with the kids.

8/10 May 23, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 May 22, 2018

No comment provided.

6/10 May 15, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 May 14, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 May 11, 2018

Great teachers and activities

10/10 May 8, 2018

Everyone is friendly! My son loves the class and I love the class. We both look forward to being there!

9/10 May 7, 2018

Understand the potential and capacity of an individual child and design a program accordingly otherwise everything is good. The facilities, the coaches, the staff is very much approachable and helpful.

8/10 May 4, 2018

The teachers are amazing with the kids. I’ve seen them attempt to calm unfocused or upset children in the most patient and loving way. My child loves attending and was upset when I told him we were done with classes. 10 stars for teachers that are loving and fun. Although I see teachers demonstrating each skill, there is less enforcement of each child trying each skill. Of the 5 or 6 items, my son usually chooses to do only 1 and he doesn’t attempt to do it the right way. Because gymnastics involves activities that could lead to injury, if he’s really interested, then I need him to focus more. Perhaps teachers can offer stars for completing each skill to ensure kids are learning the skills.

Owner Response - Thank you for taking the time to express your praise and concerns! In each of the 3 gymnastics stations for each week, we have one skill of focus. The other elements of each obstacle course are an opportunity for kids to practice skills, interact with others, be creative and NOT wait to take a turn. While you may observe us showing skills on several pieces of equipment, the skills other than the skill of focus are suggestions. We let the kids know they can explore and be creative as long as safe practices are followed. As parents observe classes through the large windows in the reception area, it is easy to see how the impression could be given that the kids are expected to do a specific skill at each piece of equipment but that is not the case. We will strive to better communicate this teaching approach to you and other parents. Since The Little Gym was created in 1976, it has been a core principle that praise is the best way to improve a child's listening skills and reinforce positive behavior whether it be a gymnastics skills or a social skill like being nice to our friends. We praise kids for skills learned and improved as well as trying their best. It is "The Little Gym way."

8/10 May 1, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 April 29, 2018

No comment provided.

10/10 April 22, 2018

I love the interaction between teacher(s) and the kids. I love the attention given to a child and how they help the child understand how to follow direction/instruction. I marvel at how they allow the child to take his/her time but all the while encouraging them to be part of the team. It has definitely helped my child bloom and I know it will be for other kids as well. Thank you so much!!!

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