It’s never too early for your little one to start learning and have some Serious Fun. From infant to toddler, our Parent and Child classes in Saratoga Springs promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your childʼs critical first three years. And since you’re along for the ride, you’ll be right there to celebrate every discovery with smiles, hugs and the occasional adult-sized giggle.

Ages 4mo - 3

Pricing: Tuition plans starting at $19.80 per class

10 mo 3 y
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As your child becomes vertical, a world of wonder is revealed. Now your child is on the move, climbing on everything in sight. This 45-minute class provides an environment to meet other new explorers, build strength and develop coordination.


Embrace your child’s independence in an environment where they can climb, roam, and safely explore. This 45-minute class will provide opportunities to try new and wondrous feats while learning to take turns, share, and socialize.

Sporty Beasts
Sporty Beasts

This 45-minute class provides an introduction to fundamental sports skills with an emphasis on soccer, t-ball, basketball and ball handling activities that  will set the stage for a future full of positive athletic experiences!

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Three Dimensional Learning

At The Little Gym of Saratoga , our Parent/Child classes nurture your child in every dimension of their development. See the benefits of this class below!

Get Moving

Get Moving!

Muscle control, coordination, motor skill development

Brain Boost

Brain Boost

Color recognition, language development, number & letter recognition

Citizen Kid

Citizen Kid

Independence, sharing, cooperation

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Come join us to make new friends, learn new things and build self-confidence in a super fun, supportive environment.


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