The Big Picture



Hello!! My name is Amy Dodd and I am the owner of The Little Gym of Pensacola.  I am very excited to announce that The Little Gym of Pensacola will be opening soon.  I am not new to Pensacola, as I grew up here after my father retired from the military.  And boy was I glad to finally have a place to call “HOME”, after moving every few years up to that point.  As a so called “Military Brat”, (yes that is a term.  You can Google it… I always felt that children with a parent serving in the military all have a special bond.  In fact, I keep in touch with former classmates from the DoD school I attended in Yokosuka, Japan.  Facebook is a wonderful thing….. 😊

My journey with the Little Gym began many years ago, when my son was little. (He’s not so “little” anymore)  I was searching for something that he could enjoy, other than competitive sports at the time.  Then along came the Little Gym of North Raleigh.  He was a little hesitant at first since he was a little shy, but once he started going to regular classes, he loved it!! 

Being a part of the Little Gym will teach your child the motor skills and lessons needed for everyday; while helping your child make new friends, learn to exercise, while having a blast!!

I cannot wait to meet everyone!!  See ya’ll in class!!😊

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