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At The Little Gym, there’s nothing we love more than happy kids and parents who feel supported – it’s what we call a DOUBLE WIN. We strive to make each and every child feel happy and confident at our gym and our reviews show just how happy we our members.

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December 1, 2023

Our toddler absolutely loves her class at The Little Gym!


November 21, 2023

We signed up my daughter when she was 15 months old because she was lagging behind in her gross motor skills. Not only did she LOVE Little Gym, but it helped her to finally learn how to walk as well climb up and down from objects safely! It’s also a great environment for toddlers to experience their first semi-structured environment. They start out classes with circle time and group activities and every class has learning targets that are developmentally appropriate for your little one! The instructors are all so kind and so encouraging! They also remember all of the kids names which blows my mind. I will continue to highly recommend Little Gym if Asheville to all of the mamas I run into! Bonus: Dripolator is across the street!


October 22, 2023

My 2 year old grandson loves little gym and he gets a lot of exercise and socialization. M’s Hamburger is his teacher and she is upbeat, fun, positive, encouraging and attentive. The facility is impeccably clean, bright, cheery, huge windows. Love it!


October 16, 2023

I can’t say enough good things about the little gym. We look forward to class every week and enjoy getting to socialize. I’m convinced that Ms. Hamburger and Ms. Banana are angels on earth.


September 6, 2023

We love Little Gym! Instructors are awesome and so upbeat. It has been great for our son who has lots of energy. Highly recommend!


July 10, 2023

We've been going since my daughter was 10 months old. She isn't very outgoing and likes to observe before participating. Love the sick policy, truly it's *chef's kiss*. Ms. Hamburger is AMAZING at going at each child's pace and responding to cues each child gives (she's very respectful of them not wanting to try a skill, something I value). I truly appreciate how kind, encouraging, and fun the staff are with my child. Also, the other parents have been wonderful. Great community. 10/10 would recommend.


June 28, 2023

We just took our 6 mo baby for the first time to the 4-10 month class and we had SO MUCH FUN! Definitely coming back as much as possible!!! Such a great activity and love miss banana!!!


May 21, 2023

If I could give Miss Hamburger & Miss Kit Kat a greater score I would. As a professional in performance and early childhood education, I was blown away with their excellence, energy & brilliance. I was the aunt attending a birthday party and asked to take all the photos/videos as they are not the extroverted type to be present in the room. What an honor! I adored the experience. I loved watching the two teachers with ease and expertise lead the birthday party crew from fun to laughter and adventures. If you are considering this place, look no further. My niece and nephew turned 5 for a reference. The establishment was clean. The selection of teacher led activities exceptional but the teachers are the magic or that place for sure. Ive worked at “my gyms” prior and been to many little gyms. This is the smallest space wise. However, what they lack in space is made up in how they utilize one another and transform the space. I love you Miss Hamburger & Miss Kit Kat & miss your natural love of life and the wonderment of a child like View of the world already.


May 13, 2023

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May 8, 2023

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