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For those planning to join us at the gym, here's an informative and fun video that talks about our new safety, social distancing, and cleaning measures as we return to the gym this summer. Please watch:

The health, wellness, and comfort level of your family is a top priority for us, now and always. We've begun to plan our re-opening and your safety is our top priority. Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures in addition to new social distancing measures will be implemented to ensure that members, families, and our staff feel as comfortable as possible visiting The Little Gym. It takes a village to raise healthy and happy children. You're encouraged to watch the video with your child(ren) together---we've made it informative and fun to watch as a family.

Go to to watch our "So Fresh, So Clean" VIDEO. The video here highlights our new procedures for your child's participation as well as enhanced safety, cleaning and disinfecting processes. The video will also show you our temporary social distancing procedures that we will be implementing in our facility and within each of our classes. Following the instructions from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), we are making considerable improvements to the way our facility is disinfected to make it so fresh and so clean, clean! We know that many families already recognize The Little Gym as the cleanest place you can bring your child, and now more than ever, we will stay true to that practice.

New Cleaning & Disinfecting Standards: We are using an EPA approved industrial, commercial grade disinfectant that meets EPA's criteria against SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19 (coronavirus) EPA # 10324-166-40672 to clean and disinfect our entire facility.
We will be cleaning and disinfecting the gym and gym equipment before, during, and after each class.
We will be cleaning and disinfecting the multipurpose room after each use.
Bathrooms will be wiped down with disinfectant between classes and will be fully cleaned and disinfected in the middle and end of the day.
The lobby area will be wiped down with disinfectant between classes and will be fully cleaned and disinfected middle and end of each day.

We have also retained the service of an electrostatic spray system for disinfection to provide an extra layer of cleanliness for ALL SURFACES inside our facility. Thanks to N&A Green Solutions.

We are also running HEPA air purifiers in our facility to filter out 99.97% of dust, pollen, and mold to improve air quality. Our gym windows will also be opened throughout the day to improve air circulation.

Hand Washing Regulations: We are now implementing hand washing before and after each class. Parents and children will be asked to wash hands when entering the facility and directly proceeding to class. We will also have hand sanitizer available inside the gym near our equipment. Our instructors will lead children to wash hands as they finish class before leaving the gym.

Team Member & Customer Masks: To ensure the health and safety of our staff, our instructors will be wearing masks at all times. Parents are required to wear masks in Parent/Child classes or in the lobby area. Children are strongly recommended to wear face masks as part of social distancing practice. Children under 2 years old are not expected to wear a mask. Parents will be given the option to wait in the car or outside the gym if they do not wish to enter the gym while their children are in class. Our staff will bring the child to his/her class and help them wash and sanitize hands before and after class.

Parent Sock Policy: In Parent/Child classes we are now asking all parents to wear socks inside the gym. Little ones will still be required to remain barefoot for safety on and around the equipment inside the gym.

Thank you for continuing to support us. Please know that these measures are necessary to ensure safety and health of each member entering the gym. As daunting they may seem at times, these are important measures to be followed to ensure everyone who works and participates in The Little Gym programs will continue to stay safe and healthy.


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