The Big Picture

What?!?! No drop in’s?


We often get asked if we offer drop in classes or if families can pay per class. The answer is always no. I can promise you that the reason behind that no is with good intent. The Little Gym is a place for children to grow their skills as gymnasts and athletes, but it’s also a place to build confidence, independence and life skills. By only dropping in once in a while, the children are not getting the full benefits of our program. Our lesson plans are created by child development experts at The Little Gym International and are well thought. Each lesson builds off of our three dimensions of learning: Brain Boost, Get Moving, and Citizen Kid.

The Little Gym is SO much more than just a place to play! We are helping to build well rounded little ones, that will grow into well rounded adults in our community.

We would love to have you join our The Little Gym family! If you haven’t given us a try yet, be sure to do so!

Happy Handstands!


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