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Birthday Party FAQs


We are delighted that you have decided to or are considering hosting your child’s special day at The Little Gym of Jersey City!

Below you will find answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about our birthday parties:

1.        What is an Awesome Birthday Bash?

An Awesome Birthday Bash is just that, it’s AWESOME! The entire facility is reserved just for you and your guests for 90 minutes. We provide the paper goods (no cups) and choice of organic juice boxes or mini water bottles for the children. All children receive (1) free class pass.  You are responsible for the decorations that our expert party staff will set up and clean up for you on the special day. Food is not included in the Awesome Birthday Bash. We also have the option of a Themed Birthday Bash, which includes 2 pizza pies for the children and themed decorations. These packages include 15 children, plus the birthday child. We can accommodate up to 25 children; each additional child over the 15 will be an additional $15 per child.

2.        What are the prices and how do I secure my child’s birthday party slot?

The Awesome Birthday Bash is $500 for members and $575 for non-members. Our Themed Birthday Bash is $600 for members and $675 for non-members. You may book your preferred party slot in person at the gym, by phone 201.222.6209 or by visiting  our website require a $200 Non-Refundable deposit to reserve your child’s birthday slot. Once we save your slot, we close it off to the general public and begin planning and scheduling team members for your event. The deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable under any circumstances.  A card must be kept on file at the time of the booking. The remaining balance must be paid at the conclusion of the party.

3.        How soon must I select a package?

You may select your package up to 7 business days before the party in order to ensure we have decorations in time for the party.

4.        What decorations do you provide as part of the Themed Birthday Bash?

Depending on the theme, decorations typically include a backdrop, birthday banner, themed plates and napkins. Balloons can be provided at an additional cost (see “add-ons” below). If you have a particular theme in mind, we encourage you to speak to a team member. You can also see pictures of previous parties in our “Birthdays” highlight reel on Instagram: @thelittlegymjerseycity

5.        What is the party agenda?

Time flies when we are having fun at TLG, which is why we follow a fun schedule! Typically, the first hour is spent in the gym, followed by half an hour in the party room (eating pizza and cake) and bidding your guests farewell. We offer flexibility in the schedule and can tailor it depending on your needs. You will have a minimum of two instructors that will help with all set-up, greet guests, host fun and engaging games, provide age-appropriate activities, help serve food, clean up, and more!  We want to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for you!  You are welcome to come 15 minutes prior to your party to access the party room. As a courtesy to private parties prior to and after your privately scheduled time, please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to your party or depart later than the scheduled end time.

Extra time: An extra half-hour may be added to specific time slots for an additional $100. Generally, notice of at least 1 week is required to add extra time, but depending on availability, we may be able to extend the time on the day of. Please understand that your private event ends at the scheduled end time. We have a 30-minute gap between birthday parties and need that time to clean and set-up for the next party. If your guests have not vacated the premises by the scheduled end-time, we will begin charging you in increments of 15 minutes for the additional time.

6.        What happens if my child is sick on the day of their party?

If your child is sick on the day of their party, we will work with you as best as we can on rescheduling to another date as close to your scheduled date as possible. Please keep in mind that our birthday parties can fill up months in advance and space is limited. As noted above, the birthday deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances.

7.        What should the children wear in the gym?

Children should dress comfortably and will be required to remove shoes and socks before entering the gym, no exceptions. To maintain a safe and clean environment, all adult guests are required to remove their shoes before entering the gym area. Clothing with glitter, tights, or masks are strictly prohibited in the gym.  

8.        What add-ons do you offer?

Additional 30 Minutes


Shared Party (per additional birthday child- includes siblings)


Balloons (per dozen)


Pizza (see number 12 below)

$18-$23 per large pie

TLG Water Bottle w/ Balloon Favor


Organic Juice Boxes (per dozen)


Mini Water Bottles (per dozen)


Paper goods for adults

(utensils, lunch, and dessert plates for 25)

Cups are not provided & are not kept in stock.



9.        What should I bring?

You bring the dessert!  Birthday cake, cupcakes or cookies –You may bring snack foods such as veggie/fruit trays, sandwiches, goldfish, chips, and other small snacks that the instructors can easily serve.  Pizza can be ordered through us. Pizzas are $15.00 each and $3 for each additional topping. You are responsible for providing ice, paper goods, cups and tableware for the adults. Decorations must be dropped off at least 2 days before the birthday party. Balloons may be brought in 15 minutes before the scheduled party time. 

10.     What should I NOT bring?

Please do not bring meals that require a lot of setup or clean-up (burners, etc.).  Keep in mind we are a nut-free facility. We can cut the gym time shorter to allow more time if you would like to provide a more substantial meal before serving dessert.  In order to ensure that the instructors can make your party the best celebration ever, it is important to discuss all food planning with a staff member BEFORE the day of your party.  Our staff members can tell you what foods are/are not allowed. Please understand we are not able to hang any decorations from the ceiling.  Glitter is not allowed in our facility.

11.     What food options do you offer?

The only food we are able to order for you is pizza. Large Cheese Pizzas are $18 a pie, 1 topping pizzas (such as pepperoni) are $20, and specialty pies (Margherita, Buffalo Chicken, etc.) are $23 a pie.

12.     Do you provide invitations?

Yes, we provide e-vites! Please click this link to access our e-vite site where you will find templates for various themes: You are not required to use this, but it is an option that is available to you!

13.     Do you allow Alcohol?

Nope, but there is an establishment across the street from us where you and your guests can enjoy some!

14.     Can I tip the party team?

Gratuity is not included in your party balance and never required, but always appreciated if you think your party team did a fantastic job! If you decide to tip our staff, cash is preferred.

If there’s something special you want to do, we encourage you to speak with our team in advance so we can get an idea of how to plan for your party and achieve your vision. Again, we can’t wait to celebrate and make your child’s birthday one to remember!


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