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  • Please arrive on time.  Five minutes early is ideal!
  • No shoes, food, gum or beverages allowed in the gym. Students may bring a bottle of water for water breaks.
  • Long hair is best tied back. Grade school gymnasts are required to have their hair secured for safety.
  • Please make sure your child is barefoot in the gym. Assisting adults are welcome to wear socks.
  • If you need your child for any reason while in the gym, please ask the desk person for assistance. Refrain from knocking on the glass, opening the door or coaching from the lobby. We are happy and excited to teach your children and this can be distracting to them and other students.
  • You’re welcome to take photos of your child!
  • Please have patient expectations of your child. All children learn, grow and develop differently. Let them be who they are and love them for that. We do too!
  • Staff may move and re-arrange parked strollers to ensure a safe and clear pathway in and out of the front door.
  • In case of severe weather please check our social media for updates about the gym’s status. We will send emails to all enrolled students.
  • We LOVE questions.  If you think of one that we didn’t cover here, please ask a team member.  They would be happy to help you.
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