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At The Little Gym of Idaho Falls, we specialize in unique educational classes that revolve around active play.

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New Class Schedule 2/22/21


Enroll today online or call/text (208) 449-1807 to save your spot. Our 2021 class enrollment schedule will be released online & in the gym on February 8, 2021. We will accept enrollments to join anytime, space permitting.

Come have some seriously SAFE fun with us! All we ask is that you follow the 3W's

1. Wear a mask (adults please!), children are not required to mask while exercising but it is optional and instructors will be masked and set a good example (when safe*)

2. Wash your hands often. We offer hand sanitizer in all areas as well as "soap&water scrub" education with the kiddos after using the bathroom.

3.  Watch your distance. Please keep a 6 ft distance from others when you must pull down your mask to breathe/take a mask break.

*Mask mandates are improtant to "SLOW (not stop) the spread of COVID-19" but mask usage during exercise can be harmful for some people with certain medical conditions so please be kind, and if/when you need to pull your mask down to breathe, please keep a "safe 6 foot distance" from others! Our instructors will continue to do our best to set a good example for everyone! Contact us directly (text/call) with any questions/concerns at 208-449-1807

We will continue to check temperatures (non contact forehead theramomtere) in the lobby before entering the gym and screen/monitor closely for COVID-19 symtpoms. 


We know that the health and safety of your family is your top priority. It’s ours too! Here are the top 3 ways that The Little Gym is focused on keeping you and your children safe each week.

Squeaky Clean.

We work hard to ensure each visit is clean and safe for you and your family. In addition to daily and weekly cleaning and sanitation, we have implemented new cleaning procedures and want to reassure you that we are being even more diligent about keeping our facility germ-free.

Just Ask.

It’s important to us that you always feel safe and comfortable. If you think something needs to be wiped down again, just ask and we’ll happily re-clean!

Make-Ups Made Easy.

Feeling under the weather? We ask that you do not come to class if your child is coughing, sneezing, or has had a fever within the last 24 hours. We follow the same rules as school so If you need to miss a class, just let us know (by texting us at 208-449-1807) as soon as you know you can't make it and we’ll happily schedule a make-up class* for another date/time in the future! Make-up classes are for members that are currently up to date with their monthly tuition plan. We appreciate you and we don't want you to "loose the value" of your class when you or your kiddo is sick!

We are Hiring!

Text us at 208-449-1807 if you are interested in a part time position.

One year employee commitment prefered, no seasonal openings at this time!

Text Us! 208-449-1807


We are enrolling students age 4 months - 12 years for classes, day/night/weeeknd camps, preschool, and private offerings! Enroll online now to save your spot or give us a call/text (208) 449-1807 and we'll help you find the best class for your child! 

Text or call us anytime at (208) 449-1807 or contact us on our website to inquire about class availability, tuition payment plans and open gym/practice times that will be updated as of FEBRUARY 22, 2021 !

Our Kid Valet allows you to safely drop off & pick up your children for class once you sign them in and they feel comfortable in the gym. 

Thank you for your continual support as we recover from the pandemic! We are a small business & we love our community so thank you for supporting our mission!

Tori Cain & The Little Gym of Idaho Falls Leadership Team


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