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Get Active this Winter in Idaho Falls


As the winter chill sets in, our bodies seem to slow down, making it difficult to do much of anything outside of watching movies under a warm blanket. But that’s not the only thing you can (or should) do this winter season! Here are five easy ways to help you and your kids power through the cold Idaho winter in high spirits:

1. Go sledding

This is a time-honored tradition for a reason! Whooshing down the hill is a fun way to experience winter at its finest, and the work required to hike back to the top of the hill makes for some easy exercise.

2. Build a snow fort

Make good use of the packing snow in your backyard (or at the nearest park) and encourage your kids to build a fort! You can make the walls out of large snowballs or pack snow together to slowly build up one solid wall. No matter how you build it, a snow fort makes for a great play (and a great place for a snowball fight).

3. Have a snowball fight or competition

Packing and throwing small balls of snow is a simple and fun way to be active outdoors. Before the games begin, however, it’s a good idea to set some ground rules to make sure everyone stays safe. If your little ones are too small to enjoy a fake fight, consider encouraging them to throw snowballs at targets you make in the snow. (A good competition can be fun for older kids too!)

4. Paint the snow

Round up some empty spray bottles and fill them with a simple mix of food coloring and water. Then go to town “painting” your fort, yard or any other snow masterpieces.

5. Shovel

Your driveway needs to be cleared and your kids need ways to stay active—what better way to solve both problems by handing out the shovels and setting to work? While you’re at it, shovel out a neighbor’s driveway to help your kids learn to serve others from a young age.

Enjoy the winter weather while it’s here, but if you get too cold, be sure to stop by the Little Gym of Idaho Falls! We’re here to help your kids cartwheel and tumble their way through these frigid months.

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