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We miss you so much that we moved to Zoom so we can see your smiling faces and hear your voices again.  Facebook wasn't providing the interaction with you that we desired. Because of this we have begun teaching virtual classes through Zoom and have listed all class options on EventBrite.

We started out on our Zoom journey by piloting our WonderKids program online last week. After experiencing some much hoped for success with our very fist class, we decided to launch classes for all age groups. Our WonderKids Club is normally offered in person at The Gym two days a week and is a member only program correlated with an in gym class.

Our online program is a little different from our in gym version. We've added and substituted some components to create a fun and interactive online program. This new online program is currently being offered three days a week and is available for children 2.5 to 4.5 years of age. We also made two big changes- our program is now offered to both members and non-members. It is also being made availabe without the madatory gym portion, meaning that anyone can sign up for this add-on program without anyother obligations. Along with the flexibity to pick and choose what days work best for your schedule.

This is an interactive preschool class where children engage with the instructor (Miss Celeste) in various activities. We start out every class with an "Opening Circle" where we sing our "Hello Song", just like we would for any class taken at The Little Gym. This time allows us to introduce our theme, a sign for the day (a new online additive) and chance for all off the children to individually introduce themselves. We then explore different "Centers", where the children get to work on worksheets (that are sent out) all together and various learning activities.  We follow this portion, with a story time, some much needed stretching to get those wiggles out and a quick "Sing-a-Long"/Fingerplay Time". The next portion is our very exciting craft time, a full demo and description is provided prior to the class. Making it as easy to follow as possible for all the students. We then end our class with a quick game, brief check in with parents and lastly, our "Goodbye Song".

If interested in checking out our offered WonderKids dates/times, click here.Wonderkids showing off their work!

Check out our next Blog post for an awesome Puffy Paint Recipe that we've tryout and played with here at The Little Gym!

We miss you and can't wait to have more fun with you!

Love, The TLG Team (:

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