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Self-Care Tips for Parents at Home


Parenting can be exhausting. Parenting during a pandemic? Multiply that exhaustion by 100! Many parents have found themselves in new roles in the recent months. Parents have become Math, English, Social Studies, and P.E. teachers. On top of that, many parents are still juggling working from home, completing projects, conducting Zoom meetings with tiny humans in the background, etc. You name it they’re doing it! That’s why it’s SO important that parents make time for themselves to help get a little work life balance! We’ve rounded up our top 5 self-care tips parents can do at home. Take a peek below!

  1. Make an effort to get moving! Physical activity does wonders for the body and mind, but it can be hard to make the time to do it when you’re busy homeschooling and ahem, keeping the kids alive. But, getting active can help you feel happier, improve memory, increase energy levels, and help you live a longer, fuller life. Download a free fitness app or head over to YouTube to find some free fitness videos to take time to get moving!
  2. Get a restful night’s sleep. Did you know that people who get less than six hours of sleep each night experience increased appetite, foggy memory, and lethargy? We know that sleep is precious so make it a point to focus on yours. This is a great example to set for the kiddos as well.
  3. Schedule time for YOU. It can often feel impossible to do something for yourself when you’re stuck at home, but it’s important to make time for YOU. Leave the kids with your significant other and go for a walk around the block, a trip to the grocery store, or even a drive in the car to clear your mind and get away from the chaos.
  4. Phone a friend. When was the last time you had the opportunity to catch up with a friend? Put on a TV show for the kids, or wait until they’re in bed and have a good, old-fashioned, phone conversation with your BFF!
  5. Have an indoor date night. Send the kids to bed early and cook a nice dinner for two, break out the board games for a date night-game night, or head out to the backyard for a movie and some s’mores, the possibilities are endless!

Parents, you can’t pour from a cup that isn’t full. It’s important to take time for you and to fill your cup. Whether you’re a work from home parent or stay at home parent, it’s important to take care of yourself!

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