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Celebrate Read Across America Day


There’s no doubt that reading to your child early, and often, provides immense benefits. Numerous studies show that reading to children helps to develop key skills, including language development, social, and literacy skills, in addition to parent/child bonding time. And let’s not leave out the fun!. Reading is SO important that the National Education Association (NEA) has created a holiday, that coincides with Dr. Seuss’s birthday, known as Read Across America Day. Read Across America Day helps to promote reading for children and young adults. To celebrate, check out these 5 ways you can incorporate kids’ reading into your child’s daily schedule.

  1. Start from Day 1. Studies show that reading to children starting in infancy can help stimulate the part of the brain that helps them understand the meaning of language.
  2. Read often. The more words that a child is exposed to, the more words they will learn, and the stronger the language skills, which benefits them in primary school and beyond. To encourage kids’ reading, keep books in every room throughout the house; in the bedroom, bathroom, living-room, and even in the kitchen! Exposure to books and even magazines throughout the day will encourage your child to read more frequently.
  3. Make it fun. Reading doesn’t have to be boring. Choose books with bright pictures, a lively storyline, or create voices for different characters. This will help keep your child interested and engaged during reading time. You can even try finding reading games for kids. Kids are more engaged and enjoy reading when the stories come to life!
  4. Make it part of your routine. If reading is part of your child’s daily routine, you’ll never skip a beat! Read together each evening before turning out the lights. 
  5. Visit your local library. Exposing your child to a variety of reading materials will help keep reading exciting and fun for your child. Visit the local library once or twice a month to gather new books for your child to read to encourage a lifetime of reading.
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