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20 Winter Activities for Kids


In the thick of winter parents are often posed with a unique challenge; how do you find activities for kids when the weather isn’t ideal? Studies show that on average, a child’s activity level reduces almost 27% in the fall and winter months. While shorter days and busy schedules often limit opportunities for play, it’s still important to keep physical activity and kids’ health a priority. Check out these 20 activities to help keep your child active and healthy in the winter months.

  1. Create a fun, unique, and imaginative indoor obstacle course. Grab pillows, blankets, hula-hoops, chairs, and any other household items you can find to create a challenging and fun obstacle course. If space permits, add activity stations for jumping jacks and forward rolls!
  2. When you can’t beat the winter weather, bundle up and head outdoors. Whether you head to the mountains to ski, or you’re heading in your backyard to build a snowman, the winter weather offers a ton of skill building and fun.
  3. Visit your local Target, mall, or park for a creative (and free) scavenger hunt or game of “I Spy.”
  4. Go ice skating or play ice hockey. Whether you opt for an outdoor ice rink or an indoor rink, ice skating is a great way to learn or perfect a new skill, burn energy, and have a whole lot of family fun.
  5. Dance Party, Freeze Dance, or any other form of dancing can be turned into game time. The point of these dancing games it to turn up the jams, get moving, and have fun showing off your favorite dance moves and maybe even learning new ones.
  6. Set up chairs in a row with one less chair than the number of players for a game of Musical Chairs! Turn the music on and have the kids walk around the chairs, once the music stops, kids race to find a chair. Whoever left standing is out. Play over and over and over again for loads of indoor fun.
  7. Break out the board games or puzzles for some quality, indoor family fun. Find your old favorite game new or used and create new lasting memories.
  8. Fill a balloon with air and try to keep it off the ground for as long as you can. See how long your children can keep the ball in the air without touching the ground or “hot lava.” Keep track and set new records all winter long.
  9. Play outdoor bowling with frozen balloons. The kids will get a kick out of their frozen bowling ball and learn about how water freezes in chilly temperatures.
  10. If your kids have been stuck inside all day, your playroom likely looks like disaster struck. Turn on the timer and challenge your kids to clean up the room before the timer goes off.
  11. Don’t let the chilly temperatures keep you stuck indoors! Bundle up and head for an adventure in the great outdoors for either a walk around the neighborhood or the local hiking trails.
  12. Do some good for people in your community. If you live in a snowy-state, offer to shovel out a neighbor’s walkway or driveway. If you live in a warmer climate, enjoy the outdoors and clean up a local park with friends and family. Spending time as a family helping others is also a great way to teach children about gratitude and giving.
  13. Go geocaching! Download the geocaching app and find hidden treasures all over your neighborhood. Check out these tips for getting started.
  14. Play indoor or outdoor hopscotch. Using chalk or painters’ tape if you’re indoors, lay out the hopscotch board and let your children get hopping.
  15. Sack races! If you don’t have any burlap sacks laying around, grab some old pillow cases and head to a carpeted area. Determine a start and finish line and let your kids start racing.
  16. Play Broomball. Use the hallway as your arena and use masking tape to set up a “net” on each end. Divide your crew into 2 teams, or play 1 on 1. Grab a tennis ball and make sure each player has a broom. The first team to get 10 goals is the winner!
  17. Get moving and stretch your body into funky positions with Animal Yoga! Poses can include monkey, jaguar, turtle, and sloth.
  18. Wheelbarrow, Crab, or Bear-Walk hallway races are sure to ensue serious fun. Not only will your child get their physical activity in, they’ll also be giggling the whole time!
  19. Whip up a batch of homemade slime, gak, or play-dough. Not only will your child love creating one of these sticky recipes, they’ll also have fun playing with it.
  20. Sensory bins are a great boredom busting activity and can keep your little ones entertained for hours as they explore the items.

The Little Gym is another great option for families this winter, providing a warm, inviting space for children to burn energy and build skills. To find a location near you, click here.

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