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5 Ways to Celebrate Grandparents Day


Grandparents Day is approaching on September 8th. Do you know how you’re going to celebrate that special Grandma, Grandpa, Nana or Papa in your child’s life? Grandparents are babysitters, advice-givers, and candy enthusiasts. If your child is lucky to have a special Grandparent in their life, Grandparents Day provides the opportunity to foster the grandchild/grandparent relationship, and show how much the relationship means to your family. Check out these five ways you can show appreciation for Grandparents both near and far.

  1. Create salt dough handprint ornaments. One of the easiest Grandparents Day crafts is to use this easy salt dough recipe and create an adorable handprint ornament or paper-weight for each of your child’s grandparents.
  2. If your child’s grandparents are near, invite them over for a special Grandparents Day meal. Task your child with planning, cooking, and even serving their special meal for Grandma and Grandpa! Your child can even make a special dessert just for the guests of honor (just remember to keep the salt dough separate!).
  3. Start scrapbooking! Print all of the photos of your child and their grandparent(s) off of your phone and purchase a blank scrapbook. Sit down with your child and help them put together a scrapbook of all of their memories with Grandma and Grandpa! Leave blank pages at the end for future memories. Gift the scrapbook to your child’s grandparents on Grandparents Day!
  4. Create a customized mug. Grab a few plain white coffee mugs, a ceramic paint pen, and be sure to have your oven handy. Allow your child to write, or color on the mugs to create a customized mug for each grandparent. Not only are these mugs absolutely ADORABLE, they’re also perfect for coffee or tea with Nana and Papa!
  5. Host a Grandparents Day sleepover party! Grandkids can pick out a movie and special activities for the evening, and parents can arrange pizza delivery for one fun filled night!

Grandparents Day activities and crafts are fun for the whole family! To all of the grandparents, we hope you have a wonderful Grandparents Day! To learn more about The Little Gym or to find a location near you visit us here

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