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4 Back to School Routine Tips


As a new school year begins, so does a new morning routine for kids. Implementing a back to school routine can help make the transition from summer to school a more smooth  adjustment. Regular routines provide a sense of security, control, and can help teach responsibility and even boost your child’s confidence. Check out these tips for making the transition from the summer play pool to the classroom easier for the whole family!

  1. Get organized. The best way to prepare for the new school year is to get your child, and the family, organized. With all of the paperwork, school supplies, appointments, and to-do lists, important tasks can easily get lost in the shuffle of going back to school. Being organized can help you prioritize the important tasks to ensure you’ve got everything squared away for the first day of school, and also reduce the stress of adjusting to a new schedule.
  2. Nail down your morning back to school routine. One of the biggest changes from summer to school year is your family’s morning routine. To aid in the transition implement earlier wake up times one week before school starts. Set expectations for your child and include all of the things they need to accomplish, like getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and eating breakfast. This will help your child feel more successful and they’ll know exactly what to do, and to expect, each morning.
  3. Bedtime routines are just as important. Sufficient sleep helps children learn, communicate, and feel good physically and mentally. It’s important that children go to bed earlier during the school year to ensure they’re getting the proper amount of vitamin Z.
  4. Create a homework policy. If your kid is a grade-schooler, you’re likely going to be faced with homework. Creating an after school routine that implements an hour or more dedicated to homework will help your child not only complete their tasks, but also provide them with a feeling of accomplishment once they’ve finished their work. 

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