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Big Benefits of Summer Camps and Activities


With summer break fast approaching, now is the time for parents and caregivers to research and select fun things for kids to do this summer. A summer camp or daily activity is usually the answer for many families, but parents are challenged to find the right combination of physical and social development activities that fit both your child’s needs, and your family’s schedule. One way to select the best activities for your kids this summer is to consider some of the big benefits summer camp programs provide.

Emotional Benefits: When children are away from their parents, whether for a few hours or even a day at a time, they learn to become more independent and to practice individual decision-making skills.

Social Benefits: Many summer camps for kids provide children with an opportunity to face and conquer new challenges on their own, thereby building self-esteem and confidence. Working and learning with other children in a non-school setting also can help hone communication skills, leading to new friendships based on common interests and group achievement.

Educational and Academic Benefits: Researchers have coined the phrase “summer slide” to describe the well-documented phenomenon of summer learning loss. Studies show that, on average, students’ achievement scores declined over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning, with sharper declines for math than for reading. Summer learning programs for kids can help prevent this loss, allowing children to build on last year’s skills right from the first day of school.

Physical Benefits: According to study results and guidelines published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, regular physical activity can help children maintain a healthy weight, build healthy bones, muscles, and joints; and even make them more likely to become active and healthy adults. In addition to these health benefits, incorporating 60 minutes of physical activity into children’s daily schedules has a strong positive impact on their academic performance and social skills.

Families can turn to programs offered by local schools, museums, and libraries or look to Summer Camp and class offered at The Little Gym! At the end of the school year, children and parents both look forward to a break from the routine, and it’s important to keep kids moving and learning while they’re having fun. To find a The Little Gym location nearest you visit us here.

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