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Gift Experiences This Holiday Season


The holiday shopping season is just around the corner. Soon, shoppers with children on their gift lists will have hundreds of toys, games, and activities to choose from, while the children who receive those gifts will have more choices than ever for playtime. These choices make the holidays an exciting time to be a child. However, it’s important that parents and caregivers seek gifts that benefit the whole child; providing options that stimulate creativity, imagination, and independent play. Studies show that an environment with fewer toys is better for kids because it allows them to engage in healthier play which leads to deeper cognitive development.

Seek gifts that fuel the imagination and promote interaction and parental involvement like ‘experience’ gifts for kids. The gift of an experience provides many important developmental benefits. When you take a child to a museum, or spend the day at the zoo, or sign them up for a child-focused activity, you are exposing them to a new experience, new people, and a new way of thinking about themselves and others. You are also creating memories, and that is a gift that can last a lifetime. Experience gifts can be one-time adventures or ongoing events, extravagant or home-grown, elaborate or simple. 

  • Tickets to an event. Whether it’s a concert, play, sporting event, or monster truck rally, looking forward to an upcoming event can be almost as exciting as going to it.
  • Membership to a local museum or zoo, or season passes to an amusement park. An annual pass to nearby attractions encourages family outings and helps create priceless family memories.
  • Classes at a child-focused center like The Little Gym, an art studio, or cooking class. Having an opportunity to improve existing skills and learn new ones allows a child to build self-confidence.
  • A coupon for an outing, a hike, a picnic, a playground, let the child choose. This one-on-one time is a unique gift for both the child and the gift-giver.

Experiences like classes at The Little Gym, memberships at local attractions, or monthly subscriptions to kid-friendly magazines, books, crafts, or science activities are a great choice for experience gifts for kids. To find a The Little Gym location near you visit us here.

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