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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Gymnastics Day


National Gymnastics Day is right around the corner on September 15th! Created by USAG, National Gymnastics Day highlights the positive impact that gymnastics has on children in communities all over the world. Celebrate this Serious Fun holiday with one (or more) of the ideas below! 

  1. Post a picture, video or Boomerang of your child doing their favorite gymnastics skill on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #NGD2018 and #TheLittleGym.
  2. Print out and color this National Gymnastics Day coloring sheet then, display it on your refrigerator at home!
  3. Practice makes progress! Check out these three steps for completing a handstand.
  4. School your kids with one or all of these gymnastics-fun-facts!
  5. If ribbon dancing is your child’s favorite gymnastics sport, make one of these adorable DIY ribbon wands.
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