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Easy Date Ideas for Busy Parents


If you hear the word “date” and think about the fruit and not your spouse or partner, then you’re overdue for a parents’ night out. Most parents are overdue! With work, school, and extracurricular activities it sometimes seems impossible to squeeze in a date night with your significant other. But, it’s still important to make the time especially if you’re a new parent. Whether you hire a sitter, drop your kids off at the next Parents’ Survival Night at your local The Little Gym, or you’re waiting for the kids to go to bed – make time for a date night! Check out these easy and FUN, date night ideas for busy parents.

For the Outdoorsy Couple

  • Hire a daytime sitter and go for a hike or nature walk. Pack a picnic and enjoy each other’s company and the great outdoors.
  • After the kids go to bed, have a bonfire in the backyard filled with s’mores and your favorite adult beverage.

For the Homebodies

  • Send the kids to bed early, cook a nice dinner for two, light some candles and enjoy a quiet (kid-free) date night.
  • Love games? Break out the board games and have a game-night, date night! Fill the night with you and your spouse's’ favorite snacks.

For the Artsy Types

  • Sign up for a paint night experience at a local spot. Don’t have the time to hire a sitter? Re-create paint night at home (just be sure to wait for the kids to go to bed)!
  • Paint night fail? Grab the kids’ arts and crafts supplies and create something together. It’s important to have FUN with it.

For the Go-Getters

  • Check out free-skate times at your local skating rink. Not the best skater? Enjoy watching each other learn or fall!
  • Want to feel like a kid again? Who doesn’t! Have a date night at your local trampoline park or amusement park, just don’t tell the kids!

For the Classic Couple

  • Drive-in Movie! Yes, it’s true, many towns still have drive-in movie cinemas! Bring your own snacks and head to the drive-in for a classic date night. No drive-in movies in your town? Create one in your backyard with a projector and a white sheet!
  • Head out on the town and go dancing! Drop your kid off at a Parents’ Survival Night or grab a sitter and head to the local Jazz club for some date night fun. Bust a move out on the dance-floor and have a ball!

Whether you’re staying in, or heading out, there are so many fun, easy, and cost-efficient date night ideas that are perfect for busy parents!

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