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5 Family Focused Daily Routine Tips


Life is whizzing by at an incredible rate, and it’s never more evident than when you’re watching your children grow up. When you have kids, the days go by VERY quickly (yes, even those days that appear to drag). The days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years; and then poof, you’re an empty-nester thinking “how did that happen so quickly?” Slowing down, purposely creating time together, and setting daily goals can help build family bonds. Combining family time and your daily routine can help you, and your children enjoy those days, weeks, months, and years! Check out these 5 things to do as a family every day.

  1. Read aloud together. Not only does reading aloud help to promote early literacy skills it also helps to strengthen bonds between parent and child. Set a bi-weekly library date for picking up new books to make reading together daily more fun and exciting!
  2. Engage in play with your kids. Even if you’re not the type of parent to make camp on the floor and play Barbies there are many different ways you can engage in play. Engage with your child through a nightly soccer game in the back yard or arts and crafts. Indulge your child and show interest in their interests. These are the little things that will be the big things they will remember later in life.
  3. Have meaningful conversations. Parent-to- child interaction is a critical child development component for learning and language development and retention. Not only will this help your child learn how to have a conversation, it will also teach your child how to listen, reply, and formulate their own thoughts, ideas, and answers. Check out these 10 questions to ask your child each night to help build those meaningful conversations.
  4. Get moving! Not only does exercise help to build self-esteem and self-confidence, it also helps children develop a positive body image, and will help to build healthy habits for years to come. Make it a nightly tradition to get moving whether through a nightly walk around the neighborhood, a game of tag or baseball in the backyard, or by having a dance-party in the kitchen; the possibilities are endless!
  5. Show affection. Hugs, kisses, and spending time close together not only helps to build strong parent and child relationships, studies also show that affection is linked to higher self-esteem, better parent-to- child communication, and fewer behavioral problems. Snuggle up each night with a book, give your child a hug before they scurry out the door, and make sure they know how much they are loved!

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