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5 Valentine’s Day Activities for the Whole Family


Are the days of romantic Valentine’s Day dinners with your spouse long gone only to be replaced with busy days and busier evenings? Once you’ve added a few kids to your brood, Valentine’s Day can include lots of sugar, homemade cards, a few extra “I love you’s” and, of course, your regularly scheduled daily activities. While Valentine’s Day may take a different form than what it once did, there is still a chance to enjoy the day as a family. Check out these 5 Valentine’s Day activities the whole family can enjoy.

  1. Host a Valentine’s Day Family fun day! Start with a heart-shaped breakfast (think pancakes, or heart-shaped toast using a cookie cutter). Then, venture off for a family nature walk, end the night with a family-made dinner, and family game night. Everyone will be feeling the love after a fun-filled day together.
  2. Get baking! Grab the flour, sugar, eggs, and red food coloring, and show appreciation for those who keep your community safe! Bake special Valentine’s Day cookies for the firefighters, police officers, or crossing guards in your community. Bonus: your heart will feel full rather than your tummy and it teaches children to appreciate the service of others!
  3. Made with love. Pull out the markers and construction paper and create homemade Valentine’s Day cards for your whole extended family. Grandma, grandpa, aunts, and uncles will feel the love when they get this special treat. Send the cards in the mail, or hand-deliver them. This is a great way to spread the Valentine’s Day love!
  4. Pay it forward! Spend your Valentine’s Day giving back to those in need! Research volunteer opportunities and organizations that are near and dear to your family’s heart. If your family loves animals, contact your local animal shelter and see how your family can help. There are hundreds of volunteer opportunities available for families of every size.
  5. Write letters of appreciation. Challenge your children, spouse, and yourself, to write letters of appreciation for each person in your family. Read the letters out loud and share how much you appreciate everything they do!  Teaching kids the attitude of gratitude!

Kid-focused activities like The Little Gym are a great option for busy families providing age-appropriate programs available after school, on weekends, and even when school is not in session. Kids LOVE to play and have a great attitude about life! Spread the love and watch it grow on Valentine’s Day, and every day. 

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