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Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season


The holiday season is supposed to be merry and bright, right? Then why do parents (and kids alike) so often feel stressed around the holidays? Naturally, the holiday season arrives with a bit of added stress simply because of the amount of things to do! Not only do you have to accomplish your regular daily todos, but you have holiday parties and social events to attend, shopping to tackle, and even holiday baking! Help your family manage holiday stress to have a relaxing holiday season with these tips!

Tips For Parents:

  • Don’t say “Yes” to every event or playdate. Only attend holiday parties and social events that you want to attend! The holidays are hectic enough, don’t put the pressure on yourself or your family to attend every. single. event.
  • Don’t leave everything until last minute. Managing holiday stress means staying on top of it before it gets out of hand. Like holiday shopping and wrapping presents are two tasks that can be done ahead of time. Utilize online shopping and in store pickup to make your life a little easier. Don’t have time to wrap gifts? Most retailers provide gift wrapping!
  • Simplify; make your to-do list, delegate tasks to others, and cut out anything that isn’t totally necessary. For example, if everyday cooking is time consuming - use a food order service. The holidays don’t need to be as stressful as we make them, cutting out less important items can help make the holiday season more enjoyable.

Tips For Kids:

  • Stick to routines. Routines including bedtime, napping, and even feeding are important to both children and their parents. Prevent unnecessary stress or behavior issues by sticking to routines as closely as possible.
  • *Try* to manage your kid’s expectations. If you celebrate Christmas, make sure your kids know that Santa doesn’t have infinite money to buy all of the children in the world an iPad, Xbox, or Hatchimal. Rather, keep Santa presents small and leave the big stuff from Mom and Dad.
  • Don’t let them sugar-load. If you’re tempted by sweet treats around the holidays  so are the kids! But too much sugar can result in later bedtimes, overactivity, lethargy, and even irritability. So, it’s best to keep the sugar to a minimum and focus on eating nourishing meals!

The Little Gym wishes you all a very merry holiday season and happy New Year! For more information about The Little Gym and to find a location near you visit us here.

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