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6 Ways to Repurpose Halloween Candy


Even before Halloween has come and gone, you’ve accumulated  15 pounds of candy and sugar rushes that last for days. Rather than tossing those hard-earned and tasty sweet confections in the trash, why not do something creative, fun, or even resourceful with those leftover goodies? Check out these 6 ways you can repurpose your child’s leftover Halloween candy.

  1. Bake with it. Not only does baking with your child have a ton of developmental benefits for them (read more about that here), it’s also a lot of fun! Check out these yummy treats that are made with leftover Halloween candy.
  2. Send it overseas. Organizations like Operation Shoebox, which supports our troops, will gladly take candy donations. Send your heat-friendly, individually wrapped candies to: Operation Shoebox, 8360 East Highway 25, Belleview, Florida, 34420.
  3. Participate in a candy exchange with your local dentist. Most pediatric dental offices offer candy exchanges around Halloween. Often times you can turn in any amount of candy in exchange for toothbrushes and other dental goods, and some offices even will exchange money (for your kids piggy bank) for each pound of candy. 
  4. Use it for holiday décor. More often than not, the amount of candy that comes with a gingerbread house is pretty bleak. So, save some of your child’s leftover Halloween candy for this exact purpose. We assure you it will be the best gingerbread house on the block!
  5. Use it as a learning tool. Provide your child with opportunities to practice counting, addition, and/or subtraction with candy. Check out all of the various ways to use candy as a learning tool here.
  6. Use it for science! Executing science experiments at home isn’t only fun, it’s educational too. Check out this entire website dedicated to candy science experiments.

Don’t let the leftover candy haunt you! With these 6 uses for leftover Halloween candy your kids will be sugar-free in no time!

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