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4 Ways to Prepare Your Family to Fall Back


You know the holidays are getting closer when it’s that time of year again; daylight savings is ending and it’s about to wreak havoc on your child’s schedule once again. Turning the clocks back (falling back) an hour means that even if your child gets up on time, that extra hour can throw off your schedule for a day, or even a whole week. In an attempt to keep sleep woes at bay, we’ve gathered 4 ways you can prepare your family for gaining that precious hour.

  1. Focus on wake and sleep times. Excited that you’ll get an extra hour of sleep? Just kidding, you’re a parent. Begin shifting your child’s schedule a few days, or even a week before the time adjustment to ensure they’re not awake and ready to roll at 4:30 in the morning.
  2. Have realistic expectations. Interfering with routines, and more importantly sleep, can cause a bit of fussiness, moodiness, and can all around affect your child’s demeanor for a few days. It’s important to keep your cool and be patient… remember, “this too shall pass.”
  3. When in doubt, wear them out. The best sleep hack for parents? Wearing your busy kid out. With the time change, kids may be up earlier, they may nap longer, heck, their entire sleep schedules are likely to be out of whack. The best thing you can do is wear them out (like with classes at The Little Gym) to ensure that when it is time for bed, they’ll sleep like the little angels they are.
  4. Invest in blackout curtains. “Falling back” means brighter mornings and darker evenings which can cause early risers to rise even earlier. Blackout curtains or really, really good shades, can help keep out the morning light which may help your little one sleep through that extra hour. 

Don’t let the end of daylight savings time mess with your child’s daily routine. With these 4 tips you’ll be sure to keep your family on the right sleep-track!

When the weather starts to get chillier and the time for fun fall outdoor activities has come and gone, check out kid-focused activities like The Little Gym.

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