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DIY Father's Day Gifts


Father’s Day is just around the corner on Sunday June, 18th, do you know how you’re going to celebrate the special guys in your life? Celebrate dad, grandpa, papa and uncles with special creative Father’s Day gifts from the heart. Check out these 10 easy to execute DIY Father’s Day crafts and gift ideas to replicate or use as inspiration.

  1. This “Dad Rocks” salt dough paperweight is easy to make and is a keepsake dad will cherish forever.
  2. If your dad has a scruffy face, this DIY Shaving Cream may be the perfect gift. Plus, if you have little ones that love bathtime, this is a fun ‘toy’ to keep them entertained!
  3. Gift dad some quality time with you! This Father’s Day gift calls for a mason jar, some decorative items, paper, and a pen. Write down all of the things you two can do together like breakfast at his favorite restaurant, planting a garden together, or a trip to the driving range.
  4. These authentic, hand crafted golf balls are the perfect gift for the golfer in your life. Grab some golf balls and markers and decorate! Bonus: decorate golf tee’s or even a golf towel for dad too! You can also buy a white t-shirt, some fabric paint or iron ons, and gift dad the coolest golf shirt ever!
  5. Father’s Day crafts for the handy guy can include this nuts and bolts picture frame as the perfect gift! You can even customize the picture frame to include dad’s favorite colors from his favorite sports team.
  6. For the sport-obsessed dad, this handprint baseball is the perfect keepsake. This idea could work on a football, basketball or soccer ball too.
  7. Help dad bring some pizazz to his office with these awesome desk organizers made out of aluminum cans.
  8. Surprise the king of the grill with a hand painted grill platter. This is a gift you know will get a lot of use, especially during grilling season (which is just around the corner)!
  9. Make dad a one-of-a-kind hammer. All you need is a hammer (new or old), some paint, and a little imagination - which little ones are never in short supply of.
  10. Do you have the best dad ever, hands down? Of course, you do! Grab a canvas from your local craft store and pull out the finger paint. Cover your child’s hands in paint and put their palms down on the canvas. Write “Best Dad Ever, Hands Down” on the canvas and voila!

We hope these Father’s Day ideas spark some ideas of your own and with one of these DIY Father’s Day gift ideas, this will be one Father’s Day dad will always remember.

The Little Gym wishes you and yours a Happy Father’s Day! Contact us with any questions about our programs or offerings.

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