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Tips for Reducing Stress and Anxiety in Children


Children are easily prone to stress. In fact, a study found that 13 out of 100 children experience some type of anxiety disorder and many more are simply stressed out. There are many things you can do as a parent to help reduce the stress your child may experience. Check out these 5 tactics for helping to reduce or prevent stress in your child’s daily life:

  1. Get active! Physical activity has more benefits than just keeping children in good physical shape. Research shows that physical exercise helps children cope with stress. The study found that higher levels of physical activity was associated with lower levels of stress reactivity in children.
  2. Physical activity increases social interaction which, in turn, decreases social anxiety. Involving your child in group physical activities helps to increase positive experiences with other kids. Consider enrolling your child in programs at your local The Little Gym, soccer leagues, or even set up a playdate with a classmate or neighbor.
  3. Let kids be kids. With school, sports, other school activities, and family events, it’s hard to balance required activities with free time and you can see how anxiety and stress in kids can develop. It’s important to find time for your child to relax and be a kid; this can include time to play board games, a backyard sport, arts and crafts, dress up time, or even a fun dance party.
  4. Ensure your child has a daily routine. With routine, transitions both big and small become more fluid. When a routine is implemented into a child’s schedule, they are able to anticipate what will happen next which provides them with a sense of security, confidence, and control.
  5. Positive sleep habits directly correlate to your child’s well-being and reduced feelings of anxiety and stress. It’s important to have a bedtime routine for your child that you stick to every night. This will help your child transition from daytime activities to a peaceful night’s sleep.

With little effort, you can offer your child the tools they need to reduce stress and anxiety and in-turn gain self-confidence and emotional balance. The Little Gym is a great option to add fun, physical activity and social interaction to your kids’ life.

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