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5 Indoor Winter Activities to Keep Kids Moving


When the days are short and cold, it feels like it’s almost impossible to keep your children entertained. While the days can often seem endless during the chilly winter months, you don’t need to pull out your hair to keep your children moving and having fun! Check out these 5 indoor activities to keep your children moving this winter.

  1. Set up an Indoor Obstacle Course. Create a fun, unique, and imaginative indoor obstacle course for kids. Grab pillows, blankets, hula-hoops, chairs, and any other household items you can find to create a challenging and fun indoor obstacle course. Motivate children to complete the obstacle course a certain number of times. This equals HOURS of fun! Offer a prize for the most creative finisher.
  2. Play Balloon Ball. Items needed: 1 balloon (maybe a backup or two). Fill the balloon with air and try to keep it off the ground for as long as you can. See how long your children can keep the ball in the air without touching the ground or “hot lava.” Keep track and set new records all winter long!
  3. Dance dance! Dance Party, Freeze Dance, or any other form of dancing can be turned into game time. The point of these dancing games it to turn up the jams, get moving, and have fun showing off your favorite dance moves and maybe even learning new ones.
  4. The Clean-Up Game. Yes, this is a thing. If your kids have been stuck inside all day, your playroom likely looks like disaster struck. Turn on the timer and challenge your kids to clean up the room before the timer goes off.
  5. Animal Charades. Step 1: Have your children draw animals on pieces of paper to use for the game. Step 2: Use the pieces of paper and act out the animals as a family.  Be sure not to use any sound, only use movement, when acting out your animal!

And if you’re tired from all of the holiday prepping and post-holiday fun, The Little Gym is another great indoor option for busy families during the winter months! Check out our full schedule or visit The Little Gym nearest you today. 

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