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Brought to you by our friends at The Children’s Place

If clothes make the man, what’s the impact on a child? See how clothing options play a vital role at every age and then check out our style inspiration provided by our friends at The Children’s Place.

Kids love to feel like they’re in control. (Don’t we all?!) Allowing kids to select their own clothing is one of the easiest ways to let them express themselves, develop independence and confidence, and avoid a tantrum or pouts. If turning over the keys to the closet may result in some… ahem, creative selections, consider a compromise. Pick out a few different outfits and let them choose which one they want to wear. Or, stock a drawer with options that are all mix-and-matchable and let them be their own stylists.

0-3 years:
Playing the will-she-or-won’t-she-keep-them-on sock game can be tiresome. (It’s impressive that removing a sock for the 400th time can still elicit so much joy, right?!) But remember, this is an impressive accomplishment for a little bundle that previously wasn’t even aware of her feet. As early as 13 months, toddlers may begin to undress themselves and will eventually progress from socks to tops, dresses, and more complicated items. Easy to dress and undress items not only make your busy life easier, they provide a pathway for little ones to start joining in the process.

• This cotton stretchie will help keep baby comfy and cool while they crawl, waddle and wobble through class at The Little Gym. (If they work up a sweat, there’s a 2-pack for that!)
• Or pick out a fun print to match your baby’s personality or show off their budding baby-tude with a sassy graphic bodysuit.

4-6 years:
At this age, kids are grasping (or trying to grasp) more control in their appearance and what they are wearing. Remember that time your child came out of his room in cargo shorts, rain boots, and a winter coat? Yeah, we’ve been there too. It’s all about picking your battles. Help exercise your child’s creativity and let them choose their outfits. Fill a drawer with clothing items they can mix and match to fit their ever-changing style and help increase their self-esteem, confidence, and shape their BIG personalities! At this age, it’s important to give your child lots of options.

• These Matchables are perfect for your child’s personality (and style!) in the making – from fringe tops to graphic tees to endless color options for bottoms!

7-12 years:
Once your child joins the older crew (grade schoolers) they are aware of the basics; they know what colors, materials, and styles they like to wear. At this age, it’s all about giving your child the tools they need to express their individuality and letting their personality shine! When it’s time to go clothes shopping, let your child take the reins – if there is anything too far out there, intervene. Chances are, your kid will surprise you with their cool taste in clothes!

• Show off your child’s #beastmode skills in cool graphic tops for him and moisture-wicking silhouettes for her! Complete their look with bright headbands, cool socks and made-to-match water bottles.



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