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5 Tips for Making Homework Fun


For some kids, the thought of homework after a long day at school can create a lot of unnecessary stress. The best way to make homework enjoyable for both you and your child is to make it fun. With the right attitude and maybe a motivator or two, you can make homework enjoyable for the whole family.  Check out these 5 tips for how to make homework fun!

  1. Homework warm-up. Start each homework session with a dance party, jumping jacks, or even sprints in the back yard! Physical activity will help your child get their wiggles out, increase brain power, and even help ease the stress that anticipating homework can cause.
  2. Create a comfortable, dedicated homework area. Having a special place for homework will help your child focus. Make it fun by customizing it to your child’s personality; the space can accommodate their art, creations, and assignments. Kids love showcasing (showing off) their hard work!
  3. Reward work. Homework can be a total drag, to make it more fun, set up a rewards system. Find out what motivates your child and create a reward system based off of that; is it a family game night? An ice-cream date? Seeing a new movie? An extra episode of their favorite cartoon? Create a homework chart, each time an assignment has been complete, add a sticker to the chart and once it’s filled, let your child choose their reward!
  4. Provide healthy snacks that fuel little bodies and BIG minds! If you’re tackling homework around the snack hours before dinner, try these fun and healthy creations that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy.
  5. Start a study group. Solo study doesn’t work for everyone. For kids who learn better in a group setting, invite some friends over for a group homework session. After their homework is finished, they can play a fun game until it’s time to go home.

Now you don’t have to stress out about how to make homework fun with these 5 tips. Is there anything else you do that makes homework for kids easier and more enjoyable?

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