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Baby It’s Cold Outside: 10 Ways to Beat Cabin Fever


The days are cold and snowy and the kids have been stuck inside for what feels like forever. While the winter days seem endless, a little creativity and an open mind can help you keep the kids entertained! Check out these 10 ways to beat cabin fever this winter with fun indoor games and activities for kids.

  1. Too cold to send the kids outside to play in the yard? Send them to the garage! Let them roller skate, dribble basketballs, hula hoop, hopscotch, or do jumping jacks. Have a Frozen-themed karaoke day! Even if your garage is unheated, it still offers protection from the cold.
  2. Have a family indoor game tournament with your favorite board games. Dust off those old board games for a full-day (or days) of family fun. You can’t go wrong with classics like Candy Land, Sorry and Life.
  3. Get in the winter spirit with these adorable winter-themed books for kids of all ages. Make a cup of cocoa and settle in for the journey.
  4. Savor the moment and make a time capsule. Grab photos, draw pictures or write stories, gather trinkets and old toys and throw them in a box! “Bury” the box in the garage or guest room closet and open it next winter or in a few years.
  5. Build an epic fort. Give your kids full reign of the living room; re-arrange furniture, couch cushions, and drape everything in extra sheets and blankets. Grab some books, snacks, and playing cards to create hours worth of fun.
  6. Let your talents shine! Task your kids to prepare a routine for a family talent show. Give them a few hours to put together their act and costume or get dressed up for a fashion show. Showtime is at 4 o’clock sharp!
  7. Get crafty! These winter-themed arts and crafts ideas will keep the kids busy for hours and can easily be made with items from all around the house.
  8. Get in the kitchen and start cooking. Not only will cooking keep kids busy for hours on end, it also helps teach math and life skills, and helps to increase self-esteem. Try some of these fun, kid-friendly recipes!
  9. Set up an indoor obstacle course. While the winter months can make us all feel a little sluggish, it’s no excuse not to get moving. Set up stations for jumping jacks, cartwheels, somersaults, and pillow jumps!
  10. When all else fails – bundle up, get outside, and get moving! Grab a camera and the dog and get the whole family out and about.

Indoor activities for kids like The Little Gym can be another great option for busy families providing age-appropriate programs available after school, on weekends, and even when school is not in session. Check out our full schedule or visit The Little Gym nearest you today. 

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