Gymnastics: 6-12

Every child learns and develops at their own pace. So our kids Gymnastics classes in Johns Creek give your child the chance to tackle new challenges at their own skill level. Celebrated with cheers and high-fives, each new achievement leads to newfound confidence, determination and a desire to continue improving.

Ages 6-12

Girls Classes Boys Classes Girls & Boys Classes
Beginner Classes Flips Hot Shots Tumblers
(all skill levels)
Intermediate Classes AerialsTwisters Hot Shots Tumblers
(all skill levels)
Advanced Classes AerialsJets Flic Flacs Tumblers
(all skill levels)

Girls Classes

  • Flips (beginner)
  • Twisters (intermediate)
  • Aerials (intermediate/advanced)
  • Jets (advanced)

Boys Classes

  • Hot Shots (beginner/intermediate)
  • Flic Flacs (advanced)

Co-Ed Classes

  • Tumblers (all skill levels)

5 y 12 y
Class Name Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Good Friends/Flips/Hot Shots
Good Friends/Flips/Hot Shots

This hour-long combination class features individualized instruction and natural skill progression to help build strength and endurance. As children overcome obstacles in the gym, they gain the confidence needed to tackle anything the future may bring.


(BEGINNER GIRLS) Divided by skill level, rather than age, this hour-long class will allow your daughter to accelerate at her own pace. She’ll learn specific techniques that will improve her strength, balance, coordination, and agility.

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Three Dimensional Learning

At The Little Gym of Alpharetta/Johns Creek, our Grade School Gymnastics classes nurture your child in every dimension of their development. See the benefits of this class below!

Get Moving

Get Moving!

Balance, flexibility, agility and power

Brain Boost

Brain Boost

Concentration, problem solving, following complex directions

Citizen Kid

Citizen Kid

Leadership, group participation, managing emotions

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Come join us to make new friends, learn new things and build self-confidence in a super fun, supportive environment.