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10/10 January 12, 2018

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9/10 January 9, 2018

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10/10 January 8, 2018

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10/10 January 3, 2018

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8/10 December 17, 2017

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10/10 December 12, 2017

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10/10 December 3, 2017


5/10 November 29, 2017

The class I thought was good up till recently. I totally get that if you don't have the enrollment then you need to cancel class as it doesn't make it worth the time. My problem is the poor communication. I received a message stating that weeks class was cancelled and they would like to discuss possibly switching her into twisters. I returned the call same day left a voicemail and never received another phone call in regards. I personally took off work to bring her to class so I can talk and see whats going on and the door is locked and the lights are off and I never was told class was no longer scheduled for this time. So I missed work, fought traffic and had an upset daughter after I wasted my time and gas. I don't really live that close and with the traffic it takes 40 mins 1 way approx Not happy at all. Basically was told I could pick Friday at 5 or wed at 5 as her class options. Well that's great I don't get out of work till 5 so I have to see if my mother can request that day off at work and if she cant then I will be pulling her as I have no option. This year neither of my children really have classes they can do makeups in so even though we are suppose to be able to do make ups for the working parents we have no options. As far as the class itself when it was on Tuesday it seemed to be good my daughter loved it besides the enrollment being low so class was cancelled too often it was fine. I have told others about this class for kids her age times just arent feasible for those people.

5/10 November 29, 2017

I have to say last year wasn't so good but we tried to give it a chance this year and it seemed to turn around 100%. Very pleased and was telling others that had left (different ages) that we stayed and how impressed I was with the turn around glad we waited it out. Now the teacher has changed again and I don't feel as confident. I know turn around but she doesn't seem to be able to spot the older kids (not just mine). This is a big part and on top of it big in the confidence level of the child/teacher bond. Hopefully this gets better as well for the remainder of the year otherwise I may need to make the change. The last teacher had the class working it out and knew the levels and how to push them and worked them out which was great. This teacher ask them what do you want to do today. Well not all students push themselves to achieve higher levels. I am not interested in competition at all I think it should be fun which is why I ended here. But it should be fun, rewarding, growth, safe and confidence. Not just fun play time. The spotting to me is a big issue as someone could get hurt and Im not feeling with the change its there. I know others feel the same as talking to parents. This was a bigger concern last year but a new current concern since the last teacher is no longer with TLG. I get turnover but safety should still be priority.

10/10 August 15, 2017

I like that Mr. Pravesh provided structure but was totally cool with the fact that Joey is a free spirit and wanted to explore on his own.

10/10 August 11, 2017

No comment provided.

10/10 August 5, 2017

Classes focus in individual child's skill set. Camps are fun and full of energy. Teachers and owner are great with the kids and truly care about them.

10/10 May 28, 2017

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10/10 May 16, 2017

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10/10 May 15, 2017

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