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Update 3/13/20

Corona Virus

Dear Members,

We want to thank you for being part of The Little Gym of Roxbury family and share with you an unprecedented decision we have made regarding our season timeline amidst public health concerns. The health, wellness and comfort level of your family is a top priority for us. To be clear and candid, we are surpassing all guidelines regarding the cleanliness and sanitization of our facility. We realize that many of you recognize TLG as the cleanest place you can bring your children and we appreciate you continuing to support us. We also realize that some of our members have made the personal decision to stay out of all public places over the next few weeks and we respect that decision as well. No matter what you decide is best for your family, we are here for you and have put together a specific plan that will allow you to have the flexibility you need without sacrificing the ongoing physical and social development of your child. Please read below for specifics about our policy update.

Season Timeline Extension
The 2019-2020 season make-up classes will extend into the summer through July 15th. This is an unprecedented decision that will allow all of our members greater flexibility to make-up classes at a future date. If you or your child are feeling sick, we ask that you stay home. Additionally, if you prefer to take a few weeks off, we welcome you to do that and simply extend your season into the summer by scheduling make-up classes with us. This extension will be available only to members who remain continuously enrolled through the remainder of the season and have tuition up-to-date.

If you will not be in class we ask you to please let us know if you will not be in class. You can call us at 973-537-0990 or text us at 973-321-3686. It is important for us to know this information to be able to accommodate others who are looking to schedule make-up classes as well as to properly schedule and prepare our instructors. Taking the time to let us know if you will not be in class is greatly appreciated.

Support Small Business
We appreciate you continuing to trust and support our small, family-owned business. We promise to always find solutions that are flexible and fair to all of our members as well as to provide you with the cleanliness and customer service you come to expect in our business. We appreciate you continuing to support us as well as other small businesses in the coming weeks as we work through these unique times and circumstances together.

Once again, we are making a proactive decision to give you more flexibility in your family's decision to participate in public activities over the next few weeks. Right now we will continue to hold classes as usual, follow all guidance from the CDC and local Board of Health and surpass your expectations as it relates to the cleanliness and sanitization of our facility.

We welcome you to ask any questions.
Thank you for your ongoing support!
 Danielle Mikolay Owner & The Little Gym of Roxbury Team

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