The Big Picture

Why The Little Gym?


Ali was a member of The Little Gym as a child and she thought it would be great for our daughter to join. The Little Gym was by far the best program for our daughter. Lyla benefitted from the 3 Dimensions of Learning that the Little Gym provides. She was a great tumbler right from the start and was always willing to try a new activity. She grew more confident in her skills and learned something new about the world around her each week. At the age of 6 months she met a young lady in a class who is now her best friend.  We felt at home there and was so happy with her growth, that when the opportunity to pass on that experience to others came along we jumped at the chance. 


Physical activity can aid in the development of motor skills and interaction with others helps children to strengthen their social skills. The Little Gym provides this and more in an environment that is fun, safe and challenging. With so many programs that can benefit children in a number of ways, The Little Gym has something for everyone. Best of all, we have watched our daughter grow into the strong, confident, child she is. We want to pay it forward. Let us give this to you.

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